Today is 1st of July and Maharashtra government has decided to plants 2 crore plants, also known as #maha2crplantation , so taking that inspiration, I decided to plant at least 1 and relish it. Also, to promote this cause I am writing this post, so that even you can participate in this big moment. Plant an indoor/ outdoor plant/tree and take care of it. In this blog post I am going to talk about 10 indoor plants that grow really well in India, and I can confidently say that because we have had these plants in our house in the past, and some even now; and I also planted mint sapling today, you can see it below.



The mint plant I planted.


All plants in our balcony.

Not just that, I am also going to share some cool and affordable ways to plant indoor plants. So if you are a nature lover you have to go through these ideas.

  • Money plant (Devil’s ivy)

We had a money plant when I was a little child, and it was at our place for almost throughout the time when I was in primary school. It a creeper and needs a support while it grows, I remember we supported it with a rod, and it climbed on it, taking the shape of a Christmas tree, I will try and find a picture of it, I know we have it somewhere in our old albums.

  • Lemongrass.

As you saw in the picture above we have a lemon grass plant at our place right now, and it has grown really tall, it needs a little space though, but its ideal for the balcony. It is also useful for flavoring, and what better way to get it fresh. It also has a very refreshing aroma.

  • Mint.

I just planted a mint plant today, but I know it grows well as my best friend has it at her place, this is also good for flavoring, making chutneys, garnishing, etc. It is very soothing and healthy, and again it’s ideal to use it fresh, so why not grow it?

  • Curry leaves.

This is again of a great use in the kitchen, we Indians love our tadkas and curry leaves are a must, they are very easy to grow and very useful as well.

  • Periwinkle

This is known as sadaphuli in Marathi which means one that always blossoms, we had this in our pot at our old house, and it really had at least 2-3 flowers every single day, and who does not love flowers. It was a small plant, as it was placed in our window, but it still blossomed white flower (same as the picture, just white in color) every single day.

  • Aloe vera.

Again a plant that we had in our old house, we all are aware of its health and beauty benefits and the best thing is its really easy to grow, I remember my mom taking a leaf and grinding its paste and applying it on my scalp, that was the time when I had my best hair, I really miss this one.

  • Bamboo tree.

These are also known as lucky tree in fengshui, not claiming it to be lucky or anything but it is a beautiful plant and grows in just water. The only problem is that stable water helps mosquitoes breed, so you have to keep a watch on that, we had this plant for so long that it grew so big that we could not have a glass bowl big enough to hold it. Then my mother planted it in a clay pot, and it flourished. I don’t remember accurately, but it must be at least 10 years old and we still have a small part of it( the right most plant) its not in its best health now, but it’s really old. Plant it in water/ pots, they grow really well.

  • Roses.

Flowering plants are my favorite, and they were specially an attraction when I was a little girl. I remember having at least 2-3 varieties of rose plants, and it is so beautiful to have. while choosing the one you bring, make sure its a healthy one, many of our died very early, I wish that does not happen with you.

  • Hibiscus.

One more flowering plant that bears beautiful flowers, these flowers are very healthy and very nourishing. Not just that Hindu families use it as an offering to the Gods while they worship. If you are one of them you must have this in your house, or even if you are not, have it for it’s beauty and its healthy properties.

  • Tulsi.

We Hindus are very religious and worship nature in many ways, one of it is by treating the plant of tulsi as a goddess and worshiping, its a great way to honor mother nature. It has many health benefits too, and can also be used as flavoring in sweet dishes. My mother always asks me to have a leaf of tulsi when I suffer from cough, having it daily is also believed to be very beneficial to health.

DIY ideas to plant indoors (affordable and easy)

1.  Plant in old crockery.


Having some cracked tea-cups that are now totally useless for serving tea, use them to plant some small plants. They are ideal for small plats, they always have pretty designs which will make your plants look like an artifacts. If not cracked, make sure you puncture a hole in the bottom, so that extra water has a way out, and to collect the water that comes out just place a saucer beneath it. Source: 19 inspiring ideas of how to reuse teacups and teapots

2. Plant in old tins.

plants i tins

Same as tea-cups, you will need to puncture these in the bottom, paint them, decorate them and they serve great as planting pots. Like you see in the picture you can customize each tin for different plants. There is a full tutorial on this here: DIY KITCHEN HERB GARDEN GIFT IDEA

3. Plant in old buckets.

plants in buckets

Have an extra old bucket that you don’t use anymore, just because it does not go well with your interiors; a good option is to use it to plant some plants. No much work needed, just grab the bucket, make a hole in the bottom, fill it with some soil, and you are ready to plant. Source:

So, what are you planning to plant? Monsoons are best to make this move, as rains really help a lot with watering the plants. do it for the environment or do it to decorate your house, just do it, because it feels better.