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May 2016

Risk today or regret tommorrow

START. Doing this is so scary and so intimidating, but you know what everybody dreams of a successful life; but the difference between those who achieve it and who don’t is that little act of ‘DARE’. All those who have… Continue Reading →

Review: Melawash Face Wash

I am suffering from acne and acne scaring since around 4 years, I got it treated by a dermatologist around 15 months ago and my acne has reduced about 85-90 %. I do get 1 or 2 during that time… Continue Reading →

Tomorrow could be too late.

I’ve been a NOBODY for a long long time and trust me I’ve had enough of that. I want to achieve great things in life as you do; I deny living my life on how the society wants me too,… Continue Reading →

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