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September 2016

Interior Design 101: How to choose the best headboard for your bed?

Has this ever happened to you? You went furniture shopping, and you knew exactly what you wanted and could not find it just because you did not know what it is called. If you go to shop or order headboard,… Continue Reading →

Interior Design 101: Choosing the correct wall paints.

Changing the color scheme of your room can make the biggest difference in your interior decor, so let’s see how to use these colors to your benefit and make your space beautiful. Choose a color scheme. Warm. Red, orange, yellow… Continue Reading →


What is style? To me everything that you do, the way you do it is a style. So, everything has style, then what is being stylish? To me stylish is adding personality to the little things you do. Do things… Continue Reading →

Interior Design 101: Styling with Mirrors.

‘Life is like a mirror, smile at it and it smiles back at you’ Yeah I believe it, look at life like you look in the mirror; look for beauty, look for happiness and look to praise yourself. Is looking… Continue Reading →

Top 10 room inspiration. Epi:1

I recently did a blog post on my 10 Must follow Instagram accounts for design inspiration. , I am so inspired by other designers on the web, this is my way of thanking them of their amazing work and creativity. Instagram… Continue Reading →

Interior Design 101: All about wicker furniture.

Wondering what wicker is, I know most of you must be familiar with it, it’s the same old thing that a bamboo basket is, it’s just that wicker involves many more plant stalk shavings; from branches, stems,etc. Nowadays these are… Continue Reading →

Interior Decor 101: Statement pieces for Living room.

How many times have you thought of redecorating your living room, but just stopped at that because of budget problem. I know, we all have. Living room being the place where we welcome our guests, needs to be very presentable… Continue Reading →

Interior Design 101: Work desk essentials

Weather you work from home or in an office, your work desk is a place where you spend your maximum time at work and you would never want a place so important to be inefficient. If you have all the… Continue Reading →

Interior Design 101: 10 Must follow Instagram accounts for design inspiration.

Welcome to yet another post from the Interior design 101 series. I believe “Inspiration is everywhere, all you need is a vision’. in a world so technologically forward, we are flooded with ideas everywhere. Social media is an amazing way… Continue Reading →

Interior Design 101: Terracotta artifacts.

In today’s post we are going to discuss something traditional and very beautiful; that is clay/ terracotta art in interior design. Terracotta items have been a part of Indian culture since ancient times, the reason being its efficiency and beauty…. Continue Reading →

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