I was thinking of doing a fun tag on the blog since quite some time now and I came across this really cute one “25 before 25” tag. I thought it will be fun to do and also a little motivating to myself as whenever I feel low I can come back here and go through the things I want to achieve. This tag is basically listing 25 that you want to do/achieve before you turn 25. I am turning 22 the next month so I thought this shall be a good time to remind myself of my goals, I really need to hurry up as there is not much tine left. So, without any further blabber let’s begin.


  1. I want to work at a big architectural firm.
  2. I want to design a bungalow all by myself.
  3. I want to be a well-known interior designer.
  4. I want design furniture pieces and other home decor stuff.
  5. I want to start and have a successful Youtube channel.
  6. I want to give a presentation to a large audience.
  7. I want to learn sign language.
  8. I want to go to a solo nature trip.
  9. I want to go on an unplanned road trip with my loved ones.
  10. I want to do some adventure sports like skiing, paragliding, etc.
  11. I want to be a well-known blogger.
  12. I want to start a small business (or a large one).
  13. I want to buy a car with my own money.
  14. I want to learn to drive.
  15. I want to have a walk in closet.
  16. I want to learn basic makeup and grooming.
  17. I want to learn to cook a whole meal.
  18. I want to work for an NGO for some time.
  19. I want to plant and take care of a small home garden.
  20. I want to have a pet dog.
  21. I want to meet Lilly Singh aka Superwoman.
  22. I want to host an amazing party.
  23. I want to go star gazing with someone I am in love with.
  24. I want to learn basic photography.
  25. I want to make a professional quality video with a drone.

I am quite sure I am not going to do all of these things, but if I accomplish even a few it will bring a lot of joy to me, as they say DREAM BIG.

So what’s on your list? What are your goals for the three years? I personally believe short term goals are very important, they keep us on our toes and we goal in a realistic way.

I would love if you do this tag, if you do please tag me, I would love to read your take on it.


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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