What is that piece of furniture that you first notice when you go to somebody’s place; I notice the sofa and I am quite sure you do it too. According to me, a sofa is the king of living room furniture and it is very important to make it your best buy.

As this topic is so important, I wanted to go into as much detail as possible. Don’t worry I am not going to bore you with one long post which will do nothing but just leave you confused. I am going to divide this topic into three different posts:

  1. Selecting the perfect sofa.
  2.  Arranging and styling sofas.
  3. Cleaning and maintenance.

There are so many types of sofas available and you need to select the best one for yourself. Choosing the right color, material, type, features,etc every single thing needs to be perfect. So, here is my guide to help you choose the best furniture for yourself, let’s begin.

Choose according to purpose.

  • Convertibles/ Sofa cum bed.


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These serve the best for a small apartment as it is multi-functional and space saving. A furniture piece that serves more than one need is something I dig for and now as we all see the sizes for the rooms in developing cities is really small, so we just have to look for a space saving option.

  • Recliners.


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It’s a nice stylish option that will make you comfortable in the best way possible. This is great for an amazing family time or when you have friends or relatives over for a movie or a game, such comfortable seating can take the experience to an altogether different level.

  • Sofa with storage.


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This is again a nice space saving and smart storage option, if you are looking for some extra storage, this is the one for you.

Choose the right type.


  • Sofa-sets.



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These are the classic style of sofa, the whole arrangement looks very clutter free and organized, but is very space consuming. And trust me can we ever have enough storage space, no right?

  • Single seater.


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This is a nice option when buying a whole sofa might just seem over-whelming to you. Buy these in pair, or in three of same kind in same or different colors (as your style and design theme) and you shall have a great space saving, stylish and functional seating arrangement.

  • Two seater/ Love-seats.


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This kind of arrangement is the best when you need enough seating, yet a lot of space to move around. Also these are great when you want similar seating for two different rooms, this can be customized easily with different arrangements and need a lot less commitment then the L shaped sectional sofas.

  • Three seater.


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These are the most important part of a regular sofa-set, but you can just use the three seater by itself or with two single seaters with a different design to add a bit of edge and personal style.

  • Sectionals.


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These are the new classy sofa-sets, these are great as they stick along to a corner of the room and provide a lot of apace for seating as well as space to move around. It’s very functional for offices, receptions and large living rooms. Also, this is my favorite type of sofa.

 Choose the right materials.

Here is a list of material examples that are widely available i the market, so which one would be your pick?

More in detail about the characteristics and maintenance of these materials in Interior Design 101:  Cleaning and maintaining your sofa.

  • Leather.


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  • Faux leather.


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  • Cotton.


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  • Linen.


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  • Velvet.


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  • Microfiber.


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I hope this post helps you to make a good choice when you go buy your next sofa. As always, comments below if you have any more questions or any more of your personal tips and tricks with shopping sofa. I would also love to know what your sofa means to you, for me it’s the place I crash on after a tiring day, a place to enjoy a movie and the most important thing, a place to spend some great time with my family with little snacks and a lot of chit chat, so what’s your story?.


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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