It’s been quite a while since I have been blogging, this journey of 50 posts has been full of many hurdles and new learning experiences. In the beginning, the thought of giving up on this blog crossed my mind a lot of times, the reason being lack of knowledge. It was my first time, and trust me it was intense, thus, I am writing this post to tell you what I have learnt so far and if you are a newbie blogger, following things will change your experience with blogging altogether.

  • Comments mean everything.

Yes, this one had to be my first as it is so important. When you enter in the blogging community, your fellow bloggers should know you are here. Commenting is the Ice-breaker in the blogging world, when you comment on other blogs, the blogger will probably have a look at your blog, the other readers too would be interested to know who you are and what you offer.

Do not spam anybody, be genuine and give your thoughts and feedback about the blog post in the comments, after all, the comment you make is going to decide if others will be interested in visiting your blog, so comment wisely, don’t just post an advertisement for your blog.

  • Create your niche, don’t be scattered.

Initially I could not decide what I wanted to blog exactly and I started blogging about too many things like fashion, Diy, Interiors, hacks, reviews and what not. but trust me no matter how much you love a variety of topic, you have to settle with limited no. of topic.

Why so? people who are interested in Interior design posts might not appreciate random posts from other topics and may end up unfollowing your blog, so make sure you narrow down the subjects that you blog and stay within that niche, it’s better for both, you as well as your readers as they would know what to expect next.

  • Images are very powerful.

Never ever neglect the power of visuals, a good picture can be attention grabing and also an easy tool for promotion. You must have noticed that good images get shared easily, so make sure the images you are using fulfill the purpose of your blog post and explain your thoughts in a better way.

If you use pictures from other blogs/ websites give them credits or else you may get into copyright trouble. You can also go for some sites like flikr, but even then always give credits to the original source.

  • Tell your story.

The most important thing that makes a blog different from a website is that it’s less commercial and more personal. People will visit your blog not just for the content but also for you ( creator), thus connecting with your readers, sharing some personal story or experience will create a bond that will make your reader stick to your blog.

Once your readers know you trust them, they will start putting their trust in you and comment or email you with their stories and then it’s your duty to reply them sincerely.

  • Consistency is the key.

This is a big struggle, but for a blog to stay on it’s feet, being consistent is the most important thing. Even today I face trouble with this one, but it really affects the blog a lot. No matter how often you blog, one a week, thrice a week or once a month maybe, but make sure you follow the pattern as your readers will look up to your new posts during your schedule.

Once you get regular with posting, you will notice the increase in your readers instantly, and trust me the more your create stuff, the more creative you get, so you will have new ideas flowing once you start being consistent, just remember to give your best with every post. Schedule before time, so that it gets easier and relaxed and you can write without getting hyper.

  • Call for action.

every time you end your post make sure you ask a question, not a difficult one, just casual which your readers can answer in the comments below and thus creating engagement. As they say to be interesting, be interested.

  • Promotion is as important as content.

As must as the content matters, the promotion too matters. Don’t be shy about promoting your blog to your friends, family and on your social media. Putting a word out can have a huge effect on your blog and the positive response will boost your confidence (ignore the negative comments, they are probably jealous) and keep your best foot forward.

Be shameless when it comes to promotion, not just to get traffic on your blog, but also because you should be proud of your work.

If you have been blogging recently, what is that one thing that blogging taught you? to me , it’s believing in your work and connecting with others, you get what you give, when you give kind comments to other bloggers, you do get the same in return. I hope you liked this post and if you know somebody who is starting out with blogging, do share with them.


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