I was thinking of doing some themed interior decor posts on this blog, so why wait? let’s start doing those with this one itself. As you must have guessed from the title, today we are going to be talking about how you can decorate your space with a nautical or beach theme. This shall be specially good for a space near the beach; be it a home, a restaurant or maybe even a cafe. Even if you are not ready to redo the whole space, these tips shall be helpful to you for a single room too. These are fun, and if you love beaches as much as I do you are going to have fun with these decor ideas. So let’s begin.

1. Color Scheme.

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When I think of beaches, I think about the blue sea and the sand, so why not bring these colors on the walls to create a feel of the beach. Here are two images for you to help you select a color scheme of your choice, if you like bright and vibrant colors go for the one above which is more saturated; if you like a little toned down look like i d, go for the one below, it will look really calm and peaceful.

2. Prints and Patterns.

Nautical patterns

Prints and patterns bring in the beachy vibes without overpowering the other decor items. Have some nautical patterns like the ones above and play with them. You can use them as wallpapers on and accent wall, as table cloth, use these pattern in rugs or mix- match and have each one of these on a bunch of throw pillows.

3. Surfboard, Paddles.


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Being on the beach, you much have had boat paddles and surfboards, which must have been a piece of your heart a while ago, but you don’t use anymore. To bring in the beachy theme, go ahead and paint them the way you would like to and use them as a decor piece or just screw in some hooks to make them into hangers. You can also use them as shelves, so get creative with your precious pieces.

4. A Classy Ship Model.

Image source

A piece like this can be a focal point to any space, even if you are not particularly aiming for a nautical themed space. A ship model is a classy piece and looks adventurous and sophisticated at the same time, so the next time you spot it, bring it home, you wont regret it.

5. Beach Hammocks.

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Beaches are to relax and chill and the one thing that defines this to me is a Hammock, it is a very inexpensive thing that you can totally make by yourself. I have never heard of anybody who hates hammocks, so go for it. So, throw in a pillow (or not) relax and travel to your dream world.

6. A Treasure Box Storage.

nautical treasure box


Image source

Think about nautical, don’t pirates and treasure hunt come to your mind? Did anybody say TREASURE? Okay, maybe not; but that gives me an idea, why not use vintage themed treasure boxes to store jewelry, makeup or shoes (depending on the size of the box) it shall be very edgy and creative and are these things less than any treasure?

7. Shells.

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Nothing screams ‘BEACH’ as much as shells do, so if you want to add some beachy touches to your space go ahead and have a nice art piece with shells on it, or else you know what would be better? creating your own little DIY project with the collected shells. Something like this will add some personality and creativity in your decor and trust me, such things can be a really fun family activity (specially if you have kids around).

8. Put together some beachy decor.

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Have you have collected many things from the beach and now they stay locked in a box or in some storage bin? Let’s change it, like we talked about shells, use other beach collectibles and arrange them to create an amazing decor element like a headboard, or you can also place these together in some fancy big bowls and use it as a center piece on your dining table or coffee table.

9. Details: Door knobs.

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Details make all the difference, these little things like door knobs and handles are often left unnoticed, but they make a big difference. Try and change these and you will see an instant uplift in your furniture which will also have it’s impact on the room decor. If you are not willing to change, or unable to find such doorknobs, simply glue some shells on your existing doorknobs and even that should work. If you are worried that they wont be exactly like each other, chill, that’s just how artistic things are.


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