Architecture and Interior design are like birds of the same feather, they a bound to flock together. Me being an architecture student myself I would love to give an insight of how architecture and interior design are connected and how it is beneficial to have an architect to do your Interior Design.

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One very important thing that is a common feature in both the professions is the passion for design and decoration. Transforming/ creating a beautiful space is our job and both professions try their best to achieve the same goal, but there is a huge difference in the working style. Both professions exist to make you space look and feel more aesthetically beautiful, but there are certain things that architects have an upper hand than Interior designers, let’s see what they are and how they make a difference while designing a space.

  • Structural Details.

Architects are well versed with building mechanism and understand the working of a structure very well, thus when it comes to interiors, an architect would consider structural elements like columns, beams, sheer walls, etc. a lot better than an Interior designer and design accordingly. After all it is very important for a design to be functional tooย while being aesthetically pleasing.

  • Anthropometry.

The next very important thing is Anthropometry- it’s a very technical term but is very basic and easy to understand, it’s just designing according to human body scale and proportion, which makes things a lot more functional and easy to work with. It can be anything, like displaying the art at the eye-level to having the correct height of the dining table, so that you enjoy you meal at it’s best. Scale is the most important aspect of interior designing, thus it has to be addressed properly.

  • Services.

Architects are well- aware of working drawings and have a detail study of electrical and plumbing layout, thus while designing a particular space they can see to it that the space can be designed with no power or plumbing issues at the moment or even in the future. Especially, if you are thinking of redoing your bathroom or kitchen (if you are changing layout) I would highly recommend getting advice from an architect instead of an Interior designer.

  • Real-estate.


Here is another very important aspect where architects stand stronger, if you are thinking of buying a new property, be it a house or be it any commercial area; an architect can give you the best advice when it comes to buying real-estate whereas an interior designer is just focused on designing the space.

  • Variety.

An architect designs more than just homes, he designs hospitals, offices, restaurants, recreational areas, the list goes on and on; thus, interior designers are quite restricted with home interiors, architects can handle an variety of spaces with ease, they are trained with all the basic needs of such spaces and can do the planning, exteriors and interiors of spaces together. Itโ€™s always better to hire an architect for commercial spaces instead of interior designers as they understand functionality of such spaces better.

Other than all of the above, Architects can handle landscaping and exterior designing, they have in depth knowledge about materials- their characteristics and maintenance. Architects study climatology, and thus have a better knowledge of what materials work in what kind of environment, and also have good knowledge about other environmental aspects like natural light and ventilation.

So who will hire next? An architect or a designer?. To be very honest if I would want to do some small renovations in my house I would go for an Interior designer, but otherwise Architect are better and safer option when it comes to large scale designing.

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