When it comes to naming the most relaxing and refreshing part of my house, my answer is the balcony. Decorating a balcony is often overlooked, and that is really sad. A balcony has a lot of potential and you should not give up on a space like so. When you are living in a multi-storied building it’s your only way of connecting to the outdoors, and you should make complete use of it. Let’s find out how.
Why is it so special? and how to make the most out of it with contemporary interiors? here is make take on it, I hope you find it helpful.
  • Home Garden.

balcony decor

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In today’s fast life, we hardly have any time to visit parks and other outdoor spaces to relax, a good balcony can serve you some benefits of being outdoors to a certain extent, not a 100% but a considerable extent.
I am a huge supporter and promoter of indoor plants, balcony is the perfect place to make it happen. Usually balconies are well lit with ample amount of sunlight thus very appropriate for plantations. A while ago I did a post on best indoor plants that grow well in Indian weather, check it out.
  • Romantic dining area.

Balcony dining

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If you are someone who enjoys star gazing at night install some cool ambient lights to provide you with a perfect night environment. Decorate it with some beautiful ambient lighting, have some good music and delicious food and you can have dinner dates with your special someone any day you want. Other than that, balconies are a great spot to have tea/coffee and snacks in the evening, have a outdoor seating area, decorate it with a fancy tea set and you have a relaxing spot to have tea once you are home.
  • Lounging.

balcony lounge

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We have already covered the mini dining area, but if that’s not your taste you can set up an amazing lounging area with your existing old furniture, just re- upholster it and set up a comfy and cozy lounge area, where you can relax or spend quality time with friends and family. The open and airy environment of the balcony is really calming and can be a real stress buster.

  • Storage.

balcony storage

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Other than planting and having a seating area; balcony can also be a very efficient spot for some extra storage, great for storing some extra pair if shoes, some small  pieces if art work, emergency tool kit and other nick-knacks ( I just mentioned things we store in our balcony, you can find space for your extra miscellaneous things) .
Make sure you don’t make it into an unorganized and messy storage area, take a step ahead and install some shelving to store everything properly, that way you won’t have too much if useless clutter and you will be able to find things easily when you need them.
Being open to sky a balcony is blessed with ample amount of daylight, don’t waste it in drying clothes, having a balcony is a very special thing, so use it wisely and creatively to make it your perfect family space where you can relax and chat.
We are living in ever increasing population and limited space kind of a time, so if you have some space extra don’t waste it when you can do so much with it.
Let me know what are your thoughts about it and how you have decorated your balcony are, I would love to hear from you.
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