Today’s fast life is very demanding, we have our demands for faster work, faster tech, better hangout spots and great food. In this fast moving life we often tend to overlook the needs of our older family members, some of us might even have a differently-abled gem in your family; just like us they too deserve a faster and efficient service that caters to their special needs. To be very honest, it is our own social responsibility to make their lives enjoyable and stress-free just like we try to do with ours.

Billionables is a newly launched app that does exactly the same- now you don’t have to actually go to a restaurant to check if it will be convenient for your handicap friend or family members. We often tend to go for ‘take-aways’ for our old parents and grandparents just because we think that being in the restaurant might be a challenge- but it’s time to say goodbye to these worries. Now your handicap, differently-abled or old friends and family members can hangout with you and together you can have a great time. All you have to do is find the perfect spot with this app according to your needs and location. You can choose with respect to your choice and you will also have reviews that will help you.

About Billionables

It is a crowd sourced app which lists Accessible venues & services under Categories such as Accessible Restaurants & Hotels, Accessible Shops & Malls, Accessible Entertainment Joints, Wellness, Disability Events, Public transport, Accessible tours, Accessible cabs, Accessible Washrooms, Disabled Parking spaces, etc.

The user can filter the search results on the basis of Access features such as Ramps, Lifts, Elevators, Step free access, Braille & Signage, Sign language availability, Gluten free food, Eating aids, Assistance available, Large Print etc.

The results opens up in List as well as Map View. All the users can add any service and details along with ratings and reviews. The app offers user-friendly features like increasing and decreasing the font size of the text for those with low vision. Those with color blindness can change the app’s contrast color while the blind persons can avail the text-to-speech and speech-to-text options.

It will offer greater flexibility and value add on with in-app navigation and quick calling features with ease of access for end users making it an online database and marketplace simultaneously. The app also has rating/review feature – the user after using the services can posts reviews to help others understand the product/services better. The users will be rewarded with rewards points for adding listings as well as for submitting reviews, which they can redeem at selected accessible merchant outlets.

The govt. has already launched Accessible India campaign which is directed towards making Govt. buildings accessible.  We are working on making private sector accessible which will complement govt. mission as well as boost the economy by increasing earning opportunities for users as well as merchants.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the app here and have a great time without missing any of your loved ones.


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