Commercial spaces are no longer a dull and boring environment, in this modern era people are well aware of how much a good/ bad ambiance can impact on productivity of an individual. These days we see the most lavish and welcoming interiors in business parks like never before. Now is the time where people have understood the importance of providing comfort and better environment to boost the energy and creativity of the employees.
The interiors also play a very important part the attracting more clients, no matter how much we shout ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, people are going to continue with the same and today’s world says and believes ‘ jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai’ Today’s market is considerably dependent on presentation and creating an attractive office space can be a big selling point, it will have it’s fair share when it comes to attracting clients. So if you are someone who owns an office or planning to have one soon; my advice would be, don’t think twice before hiring an interior designer and get the job done. Be it a rental or your own property, when you are investing something in a particular space, think about how you are going to make it your own by decorating it in the best way possible and save for the same.

In a Nutshell:

  • ‌Represent your product or service boldly.

mcdonalds commercial interiors interior

Here is a perfect example of how your space should display your brand so that it attracts more clients.

Every visitor coming to your space should know what you are offering the moments they enter. This immediately makes an impact and even if they are slightly unsure if they want your service or not, this can help in convincing them with it.

  • ‌Have inviting lobby and reception area with good services.

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Having an eye catching and extra ordinary reception and lobby are can seal the deal the moment your clients enter your space. Take some professional help in creating such an arena, because sometimes first impression is the last impression; so make sure you are doing it right. No matter how big or small it may be, but it has to be well-organised and inviting.

  • ‌Keep it clutter free and well-organized.

Okay, so you’ve got your reception and lobby well-designed by a professional/ or maybe by your self; the next crucial step is to keep it well organised and clutter free. Make sure you keep that area free of all the unwanted junk- like organize/ distribute the mail as soon as you get them or else have a space dedicated for the same, clear up the tea n snack containers immediately after use, etc. These are little things that can make a big difference. It’s also very important to keep the space dust free and fix the broken things as soon as possible, not doing so will give a bad impression.

  • ‌Display your achievements so far.

commercial certificates

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When it comes selling your service/ product; your previous achievements can play a very important role in building trust with your clients thus helping your get more and better deals. So make sure you display your awards and achievements in your conference or reception area, and do it in an artistic way which will help grab your clients attention and make it even more noticeable. Go ahead and create a gallery wall as shown above.

  • ‌Display your press releases and events.

Just like your achievements take pride in your press releases and other social events, people of today’s day and age are all social media geeks, and thus they would more likely extend their hand if you are socially updated and buzz worthy.

I hope this post helps you in decorating your commercial space, I would love to know what attracts you the most when you go to any commercial area, for me it’s good lighting and a well designed reception and lobby are; tell me your in the comments below.

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