Curtains are a very important factor in interiors with aesthetic as well as functional point of view. They provide a nice flow to the interiors and a change of element. They are flexible in style, changing curtain designs can change the look of the room drastically. Using same/ similar kinds of curtains can be very helpful to keep a theme throughout the space.

A good contrast between the curtains and other elements in the room like furniture, walls, false ceiling, etc. can be used to enhance the look of those elements. They can be use flexibly to manipulate lighting, depending on the orientation of the room and our personal preferences. They are easy to install and maintain, also they are easy to replace.

So let’s discuss some facts to think while choosing the right kind of curtains for your needs. First let’s discuss about the  correct size of the curtains.

  • Size:

floor length curtain pm

These measurements need to be followed compulsory for french windows, and can be also used for regular size windows for floor length curtains.

sill length curtain pm

These measurements need to be followed for regular sill level curtains.


I created these images using AutoCad and Picmonkey to exactly depict what I want to say, if you get your curtains of the exact size of your windows it will form a shrunk vision of the room, thus making the room look smaller. Starting from 6″ above will make your room look taller and making them 6-8″ wider on either sides will make it look wider. Also, keeping the length longer makes the biggest difference, it makes your curtains look like a decor and not just a mere necessity.

  • Fabrics and Materials:

  1. Plastic Blinds.


Image source

These are plastic blind curtains, very commonly seen in hospitals, offices and labs. These have a very corporate look to them and are thus suitable for such spaces. Being made of plastic, they are very easy to maintain, thus making them more efficient for offices, hospitals, etc.

2. Sheer Curtains.


Image source

These are light weight and transparent and are best for spaces where you need a nice wind movement and ample amount of natural light. These look flowy and add a pleasant touch to your room, the only downside is that being transparent, they lack to provide privacy, so use them in spaces where you don’t need privacy and are ready to welcome natural light and breeze.

3. Blackout curtains.



Image source

As the name suggest the main function of these curtains is to block light, many times harsh sunlight enters the room and increase the temperature of the room and also irritate eyes. These are made of thicker materials like cotton, heavy polyester,etc.

4. Combination Curtains.


Image source

As you see in the image above, these are a combination of both, opaque and sheer curtains; which make them even more efficient. You can shut the opaque ones when you don’t want light to enter, open the opaque and shut the sheer ones when you want the light and a little breeze to enter, when you need both light and with you can open both the curtains.

5. Macrame/ bead room dividers.


Image source

Who said curtains are only for windows, they serve great as room dividers too, and also to cover an opening in the house that you don’t want to shut with a door. These kind of curtains work great for these purposes, we too have one at our place at kitchen door opening.

  • Drapes:

We are done with size and materials of the curtains, we should now go to the styling of the curtains. In living rooms and restaurants we often see well styled and draped curtains, they look amazing and also add personality to the space. They can make a big difference in the look of the space. Here are some options you may try.


Image source


Image source


Image source


Image source

  • Patterns:

Now, lets just go through some different designs and patterns that will go well with your requirements. Go for bold patterns only and only if you have plain walls and simple false ceiling, if not so, stick to simple plain or gradient curtain colors. Otherwise, go ahead and experiment with patterns and designs.

  1. Floral patterns


Image source

2. Striped.


Image source

3. Fun prints.


Image source

4. Nature inspired abstract designs.


Image source

5. Patterned gradient.


Image source

So what did you decide? which one are you going to go for. I hope this helps you in choosing curtains for your spaces.


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. I am not a beauty or fashion expert; being an enthusiast I have found some cool tips and tricks that work very well for me, based on that I write those posts. What works for me may or may not work for you, but all my opinions are honest. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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