It’s been forever since I updated this blog, enough now let’s get this space back to normal. I know I haven’t talked about it, but I like to read and I thought I would write some book reviews to share with you guys some books that I have loved. It’s my first attempt at it, I hope you like it so let’s just start.

To begin with I wanted to start with an Indian author and here I present the review of the book ‘Corporate Chanakya’ by Radhakrishnan Pillai. I read it a few months ago ( i.e. quite recent) and I thought it is totally worth sharing.

Name: Corporate Chanakya

Author: Radhakrishnan Pillai.

Genre: Non-fiction, Self-help.

Publication: Jaico Books.

No. of pages: 316

Published: 2010

How I came across the book?

Some time ago, say about 6 months; a dear friend of mine had put a picture of this book on his Whatsapp stories. I am a lot into self-help books and the title caught my attention. Curious to know more about the book I browsed about it over the internet and found it quite interesting for my taste buds. As I was not so familiar with the author, I researched about him as well and I am glad I did. Being a business man himself he has given some great insights about the corporate world which come through a long term experience in this book. As the name suggests it is based on the teaching of our ancient scholar Chanakya, but the author has presented those with relation to marketing and management.

About the book content:

Corporate Chanakya is a book that walks you through the daily challenges of the corporate world; you may be an employer or an employee you will relate to it. The book is about handling these challenges and getting better at managing things in an office (irrespective of your role there).

The book is mainly divided in three parts- Leadership, Management and Training. All these parts are divided in a few specific topics and further into numerous chapters (to be precise, 175 in total).

The author advices to read a few chapters a day- and put them in application in real life. These are really small chapters and one can spend a few minutes of the day, and because these are numerous chapters one can hop to what he/she wants to read that specific day.

The main focus of this book is to encourage the entrepreneur in you, to make you better at being a leader. But, when I was going through it I found that these techniques are applicable to anybody who is working in a team even if not as a leader, just as a team member. It teaches you how to get along people in your workspaces, what all things should be avoided and how to get things done.

What I liked about it?

I liked the fact that the whole agenda behind this book is about working with people rather than making people work for you. It has an essence of leadership in every chapter, which never comes out as bossy. It is a great book to polish your decision making skills- not just in an office space but in life in general. It is written in a very simple language, even somebody who is not an avid reader can reap it’s benefits.

What could be avoided?

The book has a more text-book kind of a feel rather than an actual book, which is partly fair as it is a sort of an educational book; but in some parts it can be bothering. Also, the chapters are too small. I experienced many times I got engrossed in a particular topic and it just ended. I wish these chapters had more personal experiences so that one could envision the situation more precisely.

Whom would I recommend it to?

This could be a perfect book for somebody who has just started a new job. If you know of someone, gift them. People like me, the ones who dig self-help books will love it. Also, someone who is an aspiring entrepreneur or somebody who is working for their own start-up will definitely benefit from it.


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