In today’s day and age having a large room is truly a bliss. That being said, using it to the best of it’s capacity is very essential and can be quite challenging. A lot of times you might think of using the same room for more than one purpose but cant figure out how. Adding a partition wall can be a solution but going the traditional way is the least glamorous option. Today the market is full of beautiful solutions and in this post I am going to talk about the same. Be it the laser cut timber screens or glazing, we are going to discuss all of them. Each one of them has it’s own characteristic and it’s own pros and cons.

These are not just space solutions, if used wisely and creatively, partitions can be a great design element as well. You will see, with providing a visual barrier within a room they can also be a style statement in itself. These are available as screens in standard sizes and can also be bought custom-made according to your requirement. Other than providing a barrier, partitions these days are a style statement and thus act in beautifying your space.

Laser-cut Wooden Screens.

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These are some quite popular and versatile types of partitions. I have often seen these being used to create Pooja areas within a room. If you are not thinking of using these for the same, these can be a perfect partition between ling and dining area, perfect to create a divider to form a cabin in any room (specially bedrooms). These work great as dividers in any commercial area like a shop or reception of any office, it is very stylish and chic and does the job of creating a partition very well. Being made up of timber, it is long lasting and will blend in with the rest of your wooden furniture very well. These are available in ready to install states, thus are very easy and mess free to work with as well.

Textured False Walls/ Gypsum Partitions.

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False wall and ceilings are trending, and the same goes for partition walls. As they are easy to work with, these can be customized into endless designs and patterns. These too are long lasting and as these can be painted just like your regular walls you can easily make it a part of your room. This will act like an amazing statement wall in your room also providing the necessary partition. You can go for see-through or opaque partition, whichever suits your need. Other than partition walls, these work great in elevation treatments on the exterior too, so if you are looking from something for that, this shall be your pick.


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You must already be knowing, I love a good multi-purpose item, so why skip partition walls? These shelves are great to create a visual barrier providing some extra space for storage too. Although I would not advice it to be used as a typical storage furniture, but it will be just perfect to showcase your artifacts and collectibles. You may go ahead and add you favorite books and some small indoor plants to this as well. These can be a great option when you want to create a partition between your living room and balcony or even between an open kitchen and the living room.


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Glass partitions are favored in commercial spaces the most. The obvious reason for it is, it doesn’t block light plus it’s favorable for air conditioning. These key factors have make glazed partition a very popular kind of partition. These are often used with glass doors in the same design to make it feel homogeneous. Frosted glass is often used to create a blurry vision so as to create a visual obstruction without blocking much light. So if you are looking for a partition for your commercial area, this one is your way to go.

which sty;e are you going to opt for? will you go for a design that is something dated or something contemporary? I love glazing for commercial area and for me gypsum would e a great option for homes. Do let me know what are your thoughts about these creative and stylish options for partition walls.


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