In this modern day and age we are losing the in person meetups, now almost everything happens online. I personally feel hosting lunch and dinner parties can really help in bonding people after all families that dine together, live together. So let’s see how to decorate the area that brings families and friends together i.e. the “Dining Area’

A key to a complete dining table are these 5 essentials ย essentials. Pay attention to these one by one and you will have your very own designer dining are at your home.

  • The Table.

modern dining tables

The key here is to know how many people you want to occupy and select the size of the table accordingly. ย Here’s a little guide for the same.

dining table sizes

Also there are many finishes available when it comes to table tops be it glass, wood, marble, and what not, so choose what you like and what works for your space the best.

  • Chairs.

modern dining chairs

When it comes to selecting chairs, specially for a modern room you need to keep a few things in mind- they should not be bulky in any way, the lighter the better, chairs with no arms are further more favorable for dining table, if not so then opt for open armed/ low armed chairs like shown below. When you are going for a modern look remember a key rule, it’s all about keeping the furniture light and open and with sharp clean lines.

  • Overhead Lighting.

dining area lights

Image source

Lighting can really enhance or deteriorate any vignette, so be a little picky when it comes to choosing the correct lighting for your dining table, it will do all the magic. Good overhead lighting are very functional- they provide the perfect lighting needed to lighten up the area plus they are available in a variety of designs and materials.

Now once you are sorted with the main functional elements lets talk about decor and styling, after all that’s what we designers love doing.

  • Backdrop.

dining area art

Image source

Once you are sorted with your table-chair arrangement, you will notice something needs to be done to the wall behind the table, when you are hosting a party or a dinner, you guest are going to spend quite some time in that area, so make their time worth it, display something that you might want to talk about, a photograph from a be memorable trip, a painting you made/ or may be got from somewhere. I believe every art has a story and it initiates a conversation, so it’s always good to have something like so at a dining area.

  • Center decor.

dining table decor

Image source

This one is specially for bigger dining tables, you know how bigger dining tables have usually nothing in the center part of it, that looks very vacant and gives a feeling of in-completion. ย Usually, with smaller tables the table top gets filled with the food and plates, so there is actually no space for that extra decor, and I wouldn’t personally advice to make things even more crowded.

You can decorate using a flower vase, some decorative cutlery, candle stands, etc, this is you chance to get creative with setting things out.

So, did you find it useful, if you are thinking of giving your dining area a modern touch do keep these things in mind. I would also love to know which was your favorite part, mine is obviously the lighting (sadly it often ignored, specially in Indian home, we often settle for simple, boring overhead LED lights, they do the job though; but see how much difference can a good lighting make)

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