Dear beautiful brown skinned girl.jpg

Saw a video about Oprah Winfrey and I touched my heart so deep; she was to advise something to her younger self and that’s when she said- Dear beautiful brown skinned girl, and I used the word beautiful because I know that’s the word you would never call yourself. The real agenda of that speech was to say that no matter what you are,where you are, believe in yourself.

I love this woman from the core of my heart, and she is such an inspirational human being. I love her energy, her personality, her sense of humor, the way she looks,the way she talks; I love everything about her. Everything that she says sounds like a quote to me, whenever I feel lost I watch something about her and motivation and positivity just pumps up into me.

The quote mentioned above is so relatable to me, throughout my early life I always thought why am I not fair, at least a little more than what I am naturally. Whenever I looked in the mirror with any of my friend beside me, I always thought I would have been so much prettier if had the complexion that she has, Its all past now, I believe  I am uniquely designed and this color was probably the best choice. This dusky complexion is a result of the genes passed to me by my parents, and I am thankful for everything they have given me, this complexion too, in fact I love it.

I am in love with myself and when people taunt me about my skin color, it does not bother me anymore, but sadly it did in the past. With that kind of approach, it shows up their mentality and instantly puts them down; and somewhere deep inside I feel proud of myself that I am not one of them anymore. I am the ‘Dusky and proud of it’ girl.

Being an Indian and battling the complex of being dark skinned is the worst. We have skin tones from the fairest possible to the darkest possible, really, not kidding at all. Don’t you dare think that if it is so, then we must have made peace with this kind of variety. In fact, here majority of the people are obsessed with fairness and skin lightening products, and even today they think that fair equals beautiful! which is so sad and disappointing.

Actually, I always knew I was pretty, but the way the society preaches things when you are really young affects you way of thinking to a great extent. I used to watch commercials of a fairness cream based on a theme that you are a freaking NOBODY if you are dark skinned, use our fairness cream and you shall achieve whatever you desire. You know what cream I am taking about, right? Its a popular brand in India. The commercials have changed across years, but the theme stays the same. Then what do you expect a dark skinned little girl who has watched these commercials throughout her childhood to think about her skin color, the answer is so evident. Although I said ‘girl’ but I am sure same goes for the boys.

Its high time now, don’t let some child’s teenage years get spoilt with the complex of dark color, I have been there and I know how it feels, every color is beautiful and we should make them realize it. Lets be responsible adult and peach them what’s right. Beauty has nothing to do with what color you are, it’s about how you feel about yourself; feel beautiful, confident that’s how you become beautiful.