A joyful and fun room to play is every child’s dream. I had the same wish when I was a kid, I guess at that age playing is the only way to spend the day and what more can you ask if your room felt like a perfect place for the same. Today, in this post i am going to talk to you about what all things you can do to make a room kid friendly and jovial.

Image source: kidsdepot.nl

First things first, let’s talk about safety and the changes that can can do to prevent your child from getting hurt while playing. It is our most important responsibility to take care of the safety of the toddlers running all around the place to not bump into something and hurt themselves. Child-proofing a certain things can be of a great help. Here are a ways you can do so. But before we talk about that, don’t leave your child un-supervised, it’s always better to be around and look after them.

  • No sharp edges

Make sure all the furniture, I repeat ‘all the furniture‘ has to be curved in the corners. Sharp edges are very risky, to be honest even a grown up girl like me gets a little conscious seeing sharp edges. Kids have a really active personality and it’s their time to play, thus it’s the best to keep their space safe for the same. Instead of restricting them every now and then, we should look out for solutions that will make their play easy. By cushioning the flat surfaces of your cupboards bad cabinets, you can be assured that even if your kid happens to accidentally bang against such a surface, he/she wont get hurt. Upholstering such surfaces can be a great option.

  • No brittle artifacts whatsoever

When you are dealing with kids who just want anything and everything to play with: it is your responsibility to keep things that can hurt them as far as possible. Any brittle artifacts or toys are a big NO. No glass or chinaware object should be kept in a kids room as they can break and cause injuries. Also, avoid glass photo frames; even they can drop and break, instead of that you can replace them with acrylic cover or hang them at a height where your young one can’t reach.

  • Mats

Every laughed aloud watching the cute videos of kids losing balance and falling. Kids get carried away while playing and often lose balance and fall down. To keep them off of getting bruises the best option is laying down the kids mats, so that they can play as much as they want and fall as much too but still don’t get injured. These are available in fun basic colors, so you can also teach them to idetify colors while playing- someday tell them to play only in the red area, someday yellow.