Eclectic decor, new to this term? by the end of this post you just might be a very well versed with it. So, what is eclectic decor and why is it a part of 21st century modern decor. If you are an artistic person you know the struggle of saying ‘No’ to any new and extraordinary thing is such a task. Let’s assume, you got that particular thing home; but now that it is so different from the rest of your decor how are you going to make it work?
If this has happened to you more than once, and you are now confused how to incorporate these things in your decor, you must have stored it in your attic or some corner where nobody can find it.
I know it’s difficult to let go such collectibles, also you must have inherited a few pieces from your family since ages and you are not wishing you break the change. I will advice to keep it, don’t worry we will make it work. How you ask? Modern interior design is all about accepting and celebrating the reality and personality in our homes, your space should depict who you are and what you love not what the world wants it to be.

‌Why will it work for you?

electic art display

Now if you have decided to take all your vintage and recent collectibles out and put on display, I will ask you to stop. Of course you should put up everything you love, but we are going to see how to make it visually pleasing at the same time. After all, we want your space to look well decorated, not just a hot mess. Let’s see how we can achieve a perfect eclectic decor, that will let you keep your family heritage, your travel collection, the paintings you made, in short everything you value and still not make it look messy.


No matter what your decor style is, planning and layout is the most important thing and you need to take care of it the first. Remember that a floor plan with work only if there is space for all your furniture creating a conversational area and providing easy circulation space. Keep the scale and proportion in mind while designing, balance between open and closed shelving, all seating should be at the same height, etc are very basic rules and the apply to this design style as well. If things are not so, make the necessary adjustments, I won’t ask you to get rid of your precious things, but you should definitely fix those to work with the rest.

‌The blend of collectibles with new purchases.

eclectic mix metals

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Now the best part about this kind of decor is you can mix the luxurious purchase and your thrift store find in the same space, you can have your age old chest of drawers and a recent ottoman that you love. This decor allows you to keep all of it. We all know mix-metals is a designers favorite trend in recent times, with this kind of decor you can have mix metals with shiny, chrome to matte. The key in making all of it work together is balance

Color scheme.

When you are experimenting so much with different eras and styles you need strong grounding, and the easiest way to achieve it is through color scheme, changing paint can be the easiest and the most affordable update that you can do in your space. So remember to get things in the same color scheme. If you don’t try painting them in complimentary colors.

‌Mix textures, patterns.

eclectric textures and prints

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When it comes to mixing prints it gets a little tricky for a lot of us, not just in interiors but also in fashion. There is a simple rule to make things work together, the prints to collect will be different from each other, don’t match the pattern (at least that’s not necessary) match the colors, so that it blends together with each other harmoniously.

‌Cohesive decor.

eclectic cohesive decor

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Remember all your items could be of a variety of materials and finishes, it is very important that they are cohesive and balance out each other. If you have a bulky piece of furniture, like an accent arm chair, keep the sofa with clean lines, it will create a visual balance thus making it all look very effortless yet very stylish. Have a balance between colors- balance out your deep and bright colors with pastels and neutrals. It is very important to do so or else your decor will end up looking to chaotic, and we are aiming for harmony here.

‌Try reclaiming old stuff.

reupholtered sofa

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If you have something that is not really looking like it is a part of that space, very painting it within your color scheme, if it has laminates on it try getting it changed, it will make it look new as well without costing a fortune, it it has some old fabric that is worn out, or if it’s not blending in with the rest, try changing the upholstery, you can easily change the color and material of your fabric at the same time, without letting it go.

‌Rule of three.

This rule is going to come in handy specially with this kind of decor. Remember every color, every finish has to get repeated thrice in the space i.e. if you are using a marble table top, have a marble finish succulent pot and a marble tray, so that everything looks like it belongs there.

‌Keep the background neutral as much as possible.

As I said with the color scheme, when you are working with such a busy decor, you have to have something that let’s it pop. Keeping walls and flooring as neutral as possible will do the job.
Making eclectic decor work is not everybody’s cup of tea, it requires a lot of thinking a strategy, but it will let you keep everything you love no matter what age and era it belongs to, so I guess this thought process is definitely worth it.

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