If you are unaware of this term all together, floating shelves are shelving system directly mounted on the wall with no support from the ground. These are favored by a lot of people and designers too as they don’t occupy the floor space and provide extra storage and display area. As these are at a certain height from the ground, they keep your fragile artifacts and other important things child proof. They can be open or closed, depending upon their purpose.

‌Styling them.

floating shelves styling

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Layering is the key when it comes to styling such shelving units, no matter what the depth of the shelves are you can create dimensions by experimenting with the size and shape of the things that you decide to display. Don’t think twice with overlapping things, that is in fact going to make everything blend together and look like they belong there. This is also a reason that you mush have things with different heights, place the biggest pieces first, then fill in the gaps with minimal overlapping of other artifacts smaller then those and then in the front place your tiny pieces to add a finishing touch. Layer art pieces, small plants, books, lights, etc to create added dimension and interest.

‌Their advantages.

They are easy to install, being at a height the also help saving the floor space, and utilizing the vertical space. They balance out the heavy ground furniture and open up the space

‌Where to place them?

floating shelves uses

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Work desks, balcony, T.V. units, kitchen,etc all can have the advantages of floating shelves. They allow you to use up the vertical space, thus you might go right up-to the ceiling and get a lot of storage from it. And tell me, do we ever have enough storage?

‌What height to place them?

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One simple rule is to keep them at eye level so that you and your guests cam actually see what’s on it. If you have multiple shelves, arrange them above and below that shelf, leaving the space that you need. This way you no longer need to waste time decide that height to place them at.

So do you have any floating shelves at your home? What do you use them for, we have one in the living room that has the set-top box and some artifacts. I would love to know what you use these for, and if you don’t have any, get them, they will be really helpful.

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