Yes it’s here and it’s free! I have talked about this e-book on all my social media, so you must follow me there to stay updated (self promotion >_<). Writing about the book on the blog the last, because it certainly is the best show-stopper ever. Although, I feel it’s just the beginning. I cannot hold the excitement that I WROTE A BOOK, AND IT’S LAUNCHED. It was a roller-coaster ride, and I truly enjoyed it.

“I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Cheryl Sterling whose Ebook ‘WRITING TOOLS, 26 TIPS ON HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING BY CHERYL STERLING‘ is also a part of the mix.

About Cheryl’s Ebook:

Writing Tools, 26 Tips on How to Improve Your Writing delves into eighteen years of the author’s experience, sharing tips and tricks she wished she’d known when she started. From “A” Amazon Author Page to “Z” Zeroable Unnecessary Words in Your Manuscript, Writing Tips explores writing, marketing, and social media knowledge and shortcuts, making you a better writer. Explore the alphabet of writing tools with her and improve your writing.

Confused?? let me explain. Cheryl, Reema and myself are among the 35 bloggers who came together for the ‘Blogchatter E-Book Carnival’, and boy it was a total fun experience. We did the A-Z Challenge and compiled those post into an e-book and them Blogchatter kindly launched those 35 e-books in this Carnival. You can see my A-Z posts on my blog and their on their respective blogs, or guess what I have an easier way to do it, just click on the title of the book and download it for yourself and enjoy it with you cup of tea.

Now that I have cleared about this whole process, let’s talk more about my book

 ‘Getting The 21st Century Home’.

Click here to download for free.

The book ‘Getting The 21st Century Home’ is a collection of 26 posts that I made through the month of April on my blog ‘’. It is a compilation of Interior Design styles, components, ideas, tips and tricks that will help you set up your contemporary home. This book shall solve all your dilemma about designing your space.

Throughout this month I wrote about how you can design and decorate various spaces of your home like the Balcony, the Kitchen, your Home Office, Dining area,etc. Also about different design elements like Floating shelves, Neutral colors, Styling Pillows, Vintage pieces, etc. And also about designer styles which include Eclectic decor, Jovial decor, Quirky Decor, Luxurious and Romantic interiors. If you are looking for some detail information about any of these I would highly recommend you to go ahead and download the E-book and also share with someone who is looking for this information.

In this book, I have shared some of the design styles that I love and some styling tips that will help you to get your desired look. There are certain insiders tricks that designers use to get a certain look and those are also included in this book, which will help you make your home styled by a designer without spending a fortune on hiring one.

I would highly suggest you to go through the ‘Index’ to know what all this book has to offer, I have used a lot of examples and image references to convey my ideas in the best way possible which shall give you some useful ideas to design and decorate your space so that you can turn your home into your dream home.

Now that we have discussed about this book I have an Important announcement to make. **Drum-rolls please**. This E-book is going to be up on this blog, free to download in a new category called ‘Freebies’. I shall be adding some more cool stuff to this category along the journey. This is a big step and I am super excited about this and was so eager to share it with you guys.
“I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Reema D’Souza whose Ebook ‘Life and times of A Twenty something’ is also a part of the mix.

About Reema’s EBook:

There is so much that happens in our twenties. Graduation, first job, first salary, staying away from home, dating, being broke, being bored with the job that you worked so hard to get, and relatives and neighbors sneakily trying to find a suitable bride/groom for you when you’ve no idea about what you want to do next in your life. You are a mess. You thought you’d have everything sorted and had those dreams in your eyes when you graduated. But when you look at it you’ve nothing sorted, you don’t know which way to turn and you constantly ask yourself “What am I doing?” Those dreams that you once wanted to turn into reality are still dreams.

But then you have those moments of pure bliss! Buying something for your parents with your hard earned money, being appreciated at work, excelling in a skill you never thought you had, realizing that you have friends who are real gems and are always there for you, and maybe finding the love of your life. Twenties may be a mess, but then when you look back they are a beautiful mess! Alana is a twenty something too and there is a lot happening in her life. Read more about her journey in the book