‘Getting The 21st Century Home’ By Ankita Bhoye

About the Book:

Here is a little gift from me to my amazing readers. This is a return gift to you for your support and appreciation.

It is a compilation of Interior Design styles, components, ideas, tips and tricks that will help you set up your contemporary home. This book shall solve all your dilemma about designing your space.

Throughout this month I wrote about how you can design and decorate various spaces of your home like the Balcony, the Kitchen, your Home Office, Dining area,etc. Also about different design elements like Floating shelves, Neutral colors, Styling Pillows, Vintage pieces, etc. And also about designer styles which include Eclectic decor, Jovial decor, Quirky Decor, Luxurious and Romantic interiors. If you are looking for some detail information about any of these I would highly recommend you to go ahead and download the E-book. Also share with someone who is looking for this information.