Talking about 21st century furniture, we possible just can’t skip geometric decor. Clean lines, sharp edges and basics cream 21st century modern. We have seen bulky, curvy furniture with intricate carving and details in the past but today basic shapes are making a mark, they look extremely stylish and classy. Today’s interior design is all about eye pleasing and functional items, so we now really believe ‘less is more’ but doesn’t need to be bore. so let’s see what magic these basic shapes can do in your space.

Geometric furniture.

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Furniture of today’s day and age is mainly focusing on serving the purpose to the maximum of it’s capacity without occupying a lot of space. Openness in furniture is very trendy nowadays, it allows your vision to travel across the room making an illusion of a larger space than what it really is, you do not need to have less furniture to keep the room airy and open, you need the ‘RIGHT’ furniture for that. Here are a few examples of geometric furniture with the same theme of openness.

geometric furniture

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Geometric Decor.

geometric decor

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With furniture, decor too has evolved and blended in the geometric theme, they look really modern and chic. Be it artifacts, succulent holders, terrariums, mirrors, etc. nowadays almost all kinds of decor items are available in these basic geometric shapes. Just because they are so simple in appearance they go along with a lot of other furniture and help balance it out visually.

geometric decor 1

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Wall decor.

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Chevron patterns and mosaics are hot favorites of designers these days, first of all they are easier to do compared to other complex designers and just because they have those angles they make the walls look bigger, just remember choose a pattern that isn’t too small as it will take away all the fun and make the room look shrunk. So, don’t be afraid to go bid after all, the bigger the better.

Fabrics and prints.


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the easiest and the most budget friendly way to incorporate this trend in your decor is through fabrics, I know things like rugs and curtains can get quite expensive, but bed sheets and pillow cases are easy on the pocket, so if you are skeptical about adopting this style, go for them first and see how you like it.



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Now that we have talked about the important things like furniture and decor, we need to address the lights too. The whole lighting style has changed in a drastically since past few years, now lights are not just a medium to shine and enlighten the design and decor in the room, they are in fact a style statement themselves, so we have to give them the deserved attention.

Are you liking the whole geometric trend in interior design? I would love to know if you have anything such in your home, we have a center table that is very simple, chic and functional at the same time. If you do not own anything geometric what would you like to have? tell me in the comments below.

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