The month of April is being very exciting and full of fun with the ‘A to Z challenge’ and I am loving it. Found a lot of new bloggers through it and also read a variety of new topics and different perspectives, looking forward to more.

Now that we are taking about blogging challenges and bloggers, let’s consider one thing that is common with most of the bloggers; we all more or less work from home, not just bloggers, many other professions and small businesses happen from home offices. Today in this post we will look into how we can make this very important space as productive, comfortable and workable as possible. I hope by the end of this post you decide to pay a little more attention to your work-space, because your work environment can really change your experience while working thus having a considerable impact on your output.

I love Pinterest, if you follow me for a while you must be already aware of it, and pinning work-space ideas is one of my favorite kind. It actually started when I started following Magali Vaz‘s pin boards and I was thrilled what all Pinterest has to offer, go check out her blog as well, she is an established fashion and travel blogger and I am just a fan (and she totally deserves a shout out for being so inspiring.)

Enough of random blabber let’s get started with today’s topic. I will briefly tell you about all the essentials you need to have to complete your home office and why you need it in general. Then you can go ahead and customize it for yourself according to your needs and style preferences. So, let’s begin.


home office storage

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So first things first, we need a lot of our stuff near our work space. It’s good to have all your work documents and stationary items stored right next to you so that you save up on a lot of time while working, plus it also helps staying organized. It’s important to have enough storage space according to your needs so that your work desk can remain as clutter free and neat as possible, thus helping you to have a better environment to work. So go for wall mounted cabinets, if you don’t have enough floor space. Select a work desk with some storage drawers or have your desk near your cabinets, figure out what works for you the best and go for it.

Pin boards.

home office board

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I love writing little notes and making to do lists, it’s quite a necessary thing for me as I have a very volatile memory. The proverb ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ describes my memory the best, so I kind of have to do these things (also, I love checking out things from the lists, it’s super fun).

A cork board, a bulletin board, a chalkboard or just some space to hold those little sticky notes can really ease up the process. Choose what works for your space and needs and you shall have a very smart and updated backdrop for your work-space. You may also go ahead and dedicate some area to pin up your goals and important appointments on calendar, we all know about vision boards, and I feel work space is the best place to have it, it will keep you motivated and remind you every moment why are you doing what you are doing.

Flat table top.

home office flat top

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We talked about storage earlier, with that, a flat surface to keep your laptop/ desktop, and also some space to write and read documents is an essential. Make sure you have enough space, if you do not need a computer while you are working, skip it. If you are not somebody who does any writing work, dedicate all your space to those techy appliances you need. Just remember, your work space should keep you at ease and make your work activity less hectic.


home office seating.jpg

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When you work time flies, especially when the due date is close ( is it just me, or does this happen to you as well?) We end up spending many hours at our work desk, thus it is very important to have a comfortable seating, it’s important for your health as well as your work output. Go ahead and throw a pillow at the back of your chair, make sure your chair is of the right height with respect to your desk, so that you don’t need to lean down or rise up, that will be bad for both, your body and your mind, so choose wisely.

Table lamps.

home office lights

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Just as I mentioned earlier, we often lose the track of time while working and end up working even at late night. Having a desk lamp is especially useful as it’s economically smart to have smaller space lit up instead of the whole room and also psychologically desk lamps give out more focused light which helps you to not get distracted while working.

If you lack space for desk laps you can opt for a sconce that will do the job without consuming your space.

Potted plants and Other essentials.

Now that we are done with all the essentials, let’s talk a little about some healthy decor items. Potted plants and succulents provide a sense of liveliness and freshness to the space, thus keep you energetic to work. Other than plants having a clock and pen-stands are other some essentials that are very useful while working and also help in decorating the space. A mini dust-bin, some tissues, etc. can help cleaning your space then and there in case if anything spills. These things can save your time and make your space look good which will automatically make you more productive.

Tell me what your favorite part was and what would you like to incorporate in your work area/ home office? You can also use some of these ideas at your office desk. Work hard, be productive, enjoy your work and stay happy.

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