How many times have you thought of buying some new and innovative furniture or home decor and ended up disappointed. A lot of times it is because of the lack of options available online. It is a very common sight, but the reason maybe that you are looking at the wrong places. Today I am so happy to tell you about a home decor and furniture shopping site that will simply lure you in with its beautiful and unique furniture options available.

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About the company and the founders.

The best part about this site is it’s ever-expanding nature and innovation. Serial entrepreneurs and father-daughter duo Natasha Jain and Neeraj Jain founded Bent Chair in August 2016, with the aim of bringing affordable luxury, engineering, high design and technology to the furniture and accessories market. Natasha being an Industrial Engineer from Stanford University and Mr. Neeraj Jain being a 3-time Red Dot Design Award Winner bring together the technology, e-commerce and design excellence to Bent Chair. Since its launch, Bent Chair has established itself as one of the fastest evolving online marketplaces and is one of the first Indian startups to create an end to end supply chain from designing to manufacturing and selling.  They literally have the best of both worlds, the experience of the father and the curiosity of the young daughter.

Bent Chair is has its roots in engineering and technology and follows a very methodological approach towards its products. All of the magic takes place at 5 manufacturing facilities in Ambala that houses the latest woodworking machinery as well as a huge space for assembly, storage, and testing of finished products. In addition to the primary manufacturing unit, 4 facilities have been set up for polishing, carving, weaving and painting of Bent Chair products. The production is carried out through a co-operative of skilled artisans.

Bent Chair has a unique business model where it follows an omnichannel approach which includes selling online, creating a marketplace, selling offline through pop ups, through a Bent Chair studio and also entering into a franchise model. The Bent Chair website is not just promoting its own brand but also curating and creating a marketplace for other brands.


Bent Chair, a young and rapidly growing Indian furniture and accessories e-tailer has formally announced its international expansion plans after testing the waters over the last few months. This company has exhibited tremendous growth and potential in a short span of 10 months, gaining a strong customer base in its home market. Content with its domestic performance, Bent Chair has landed on foreign shores makings its unique and extremely creative designs accessible to shoppers around the globe.

“We are extremely excited to take our products to every shopper around the globe.  Our response in India has been tremendous and we hope to replicate the success globally”, said Mr. Neeraj Jain, co-founder, Bent Chair.

Some of my picks for a sophisticated, modern Home.

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This sofa right here is an amazing sophisticated piece, loving the mid-century vibe that it has with those legs. Furniture like this really helps elevate the room making it feel more light and open.

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To go we that amazing sofa, we need some equally stylish pair of chairs, it’s great to mix and match with different set of these as it provides a great style statement and a designer look. The sofa is very clean lined, thus adding some curve with the chair will really accentuate the look.

Shop it here:

Shop it here:

Coming to the bedroom I have a great bed and side table option that scream sophistication and luxury. This pair is specially amazing because although it is in the same color scheme it has different materials and finishes which adds dimension and texture to the whole look.

Some must fun and Quirky items, you just have to check out.

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Shop it here:

There is a lot more that Bentchair has to offer, so go check out their website, I am sure you will find something that will steal your heart away.


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