Hello cuteness,

I am soooo excited for today’s blog post, this is the first post in the category DIY and this category totally has my heart as I would share my hobbies in this section. So, are you ready  for some cool DIYs.

Okay enough of intro now, lets get started with the actual post, as you can tell from the title this post is going to be a tutorial on how you can make cover images for your blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc. I am going to use Picmonkey for this, and its totally a trusted site by me for editing images, its crazy what all you can do using it, but today lets make a banner for yourself. This is what it is going to look like.


Let’s go step wise:

1.Open the site : www.picmonkey.com

You can go for royale version which is paid and has a lot more features like more font options, more overlays, etc. but trust me even free version works great. I have always used the free version and I am happy with the free features too.

cover 3

2. Choose the Image size

You can use a ready image as well, but I would suggest to choose the ‘Design’ option as you can actually enter the dimensions that you want your image to be in. It helps as sometimes after all the editing work, when you upload the picture some part of it gets cropped because of not being in correct dimensions, so its always safer this way.

just choose ‘Custom’ and enter the dimensions and click on make it.


3. Background

here you can go for a plain canvas color or upload image of your desire, remember its always best to use pictures taken by you to avoid copyright issues.cover 2

4. Design

I did not want a plain background either so it decided to go for some overlays using sparkle stars.cover 7

And then rotate and re-size these as your wish and make your own beautiful creation. I used sparkle stars you can choose anything, there are many options, change colors, transparency, etc. till you are happy with your design.


Add a solid overlay to add text in, I like text on solid backgrounds you can directly add text as well, do it according to your stylecover9

Choose a font of your choice and add the name of your channel/ blog/ Page.

cover 10

can you believe it, you are done.

5. Save

save your masterpiece as they call it, you can choose among the 3 different qualities, I always go for ‘Sean’ as its the best.

cover 11

Did you like this short DIY, if you did make sure to tell me, and don’t forget to use it. Actually, the header image of my blog is created in a similar way. And yes, if you do it differently, I would love to know how.