Today’s post is going to be very different and personal than the rest of my posts in the A-Z challenge, that’s because I am going to tell you why am I blogging? and why about Interior design? I have discussed certain things related to this in my previous posts, ย but they are all scattered and none of them are in much details; so I thought I should dedicate this post to the story of this blog and what inspired me to start it.

Naming the blog.

Talking about naming the blog, I go with my nick name ‘Anki’ on the blog and also among my close friends. When I started this blog I just knew I am doing it to express my thoughts and opinions, but had no idea exactly about what? I wanted to write about multiple things and just could not find my niche, so I decided I would go for a simple ‘’ but then I gotย a little nervous and thought of coming up with something creative. After a lot of trial and error I came up with the name ‘Ankiness’ and trust me this name does 100% justice to this blog, it all about me and my thought, it all things Ankiness.

Finding my niche.

Initially my blog was all over the place, I could not figure out what I wanted to do witg it. I did a couple of reviews, a few fashion posts, some personal ones and what not. To be honest while I was doing those, blogging felt like a task, I loved getting feedback but the work that I was putting in was tiring. One fine day I did an Interior Design post, which was meant to be on the blog as I am studying Architecture; but the time I did that post and honestly loved working on it and I started doing more of those. As you may have already guessed, after that my blog became and interior design and lifestyle blog. I do interior design posts primarily, but I like to connect with my readers, and blogging is all about that, so I also do posts like these which go in the Chatterbox section.

What inspires me about Interior design?

I am drawn to design and decor since my childhood, both my parents are creative individuals, thus I have it in my genes. I decided to ho for Architecture with the same passion for designing, but I am absolutely in love ( I mean it) with interior designing. Furniture and decor items literally turn me on, maybe not literally, but I am truly attracted to them like crazy. I read a lot about interior design from many famous magazines like ‘Architectural Digest’, ‘House and Home’, ‘Better Homes and Gardens’, etc. from their websites and other social media. I love watching home renovation videos (I binge watch them all the time). To be very honest, I feel when you are in a creative field you can’t stop learning, there is always something more to know and I enjoy that about my field.

Where do I get my ideas from?

If you know me and this blog, you must be already aware of it, I give this reference a lot. Pinterest is my go-to inspiration. I have learnt so much about design and trends through Pinterest, I can’t even put it in words. Moreover, it has so much variety, you are prone to get lost, but for me it made me realize what I personally like and prefer and what I don’t, which is helping me develop my own style of work. For a designer, finding their own personal style is all that matters and Pinterest has really helped me with it.


Being a well-established Architect and Interior Designer is my goal in life, and being a interior design blogger is my first step towards that goal and I am so thankful to each one of my readers who have been supporting me and this blog, you motivate me everyday.

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