I received a mail quite some time back (which clearly means I’m late) to write about this topic, and I was like ‘why didn’t I think of this before?’ It sounds very interesting and I wanted to do my take on this. This topic is a perfect balance to design and hacks, which is something that I am personally a big fan of.

So, the colder months have already arrived  (although it’s still burning hot in Mumbai), the days are shorter, which means, now is the time we get a little less light from mother nature. So, what do we do? This post is exactly about that, We are going to see ways that you can make your space look brighter, warmer and fresher on the gloomy winter days.

  • Using Mirrors.


Image: www.remodelista.com

Hang an average size mirror on the opposite wall of the window, but of course not exactly oppisite, you certainly don’t want to blind everyone who enters, place it on a higher level. This will bounce light and make the room look brighter. If you fell hanging it on the exact opposite seems too much, you can go for both adjacent sides, hang one on each just leaving around 6″ below the ceiling on both opposite walls which shall do the same, just in a softer way.

  • Adding a pop of color.

Image: www.etsy.comwww.desertcart.ae

Adding pop of yellows and orange with pillows and artwork is a great idea to give your room a fresher and brighter look. Besides pillows and artworks you can also go for some bright accent colored artifacts. Brighter colors make tge space look more fresh and alive, giving a very welcoming look.

  • Adding layers and textures.


Image: www.homedecorators.com

Layers come along with the colder months, be it in fashion or interiors. You can add some personality by adding some neutral colored throws and rugs on and around your sofa/ couch respectively. Choose softer colors like off whites, beige, grays,etc with some texture and patterns with warmer colors like red, orange and yellow.

  • Invite the light in.



Image: www.curtainsmarket.com

Keep the room as open and airy as possible, opt for sheer curtains to let the light in, instead of think ones. Also keep the rooms as open as possible by having open shelving, lighter colored walls, lighter floor finishes etc. It allows unobstructed path for the light that enters the space, so that it reaches every nook and corner.

  • Mix up materials.


Image: www.pepperfry.com

Mix up materials by adding metallic finishes and glass finishes as they are reflective and make the room  look brighter as oppose to using just wood furniture. Too much wood furniture can make the room look dull, whereas glass adds transparency and metallic finishes reflect light which adds more harmony. The change is subtle but very useful for gloomy days.

  • Opt for white or pastel color upholstery.


Image: ravindecor.com

As we the know, the lighter the color the brighter the space, So opt for a white or pastel toned upholstery this season, but don’t keep it all toned down, balance it with brighter colored pillows as mentioned before.

  • Lighting.


Image: www.ikea.com

Lighting is very important in any kind of room decor, so we are no ways  ignoring it. Adding floor lamps/ table lamps, pendant lights, etc. which can be plugged in and can be easily uninstalled during brighter days are the must try, this will illuminate the room and give it the light that it’s lacking these days.

  • Bring in the nature.

Image: www.shelterness.com,  www.flickr.com

Lastly a very interesting way to add some color and brightness is by adding some fresh flowers or small indoor planter in the space. Nowadays easy to maintain planters are widely available which give the space so much freshness instantly. If that’s not your cup of tea you can always opt for fresh flowers, and come on now who doesn’t like flowers?. Also, now you can get some really fun terrariums, which are so modern and yet so close to nature.

These were some ideas to make your space warmer and inviting this fall and winter, which one did you like? Will you incorporate any of these, if yes, which ones? I would love to hear from you, so make sure you comment down your thoughts below.


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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