As I said a few posts earlier I wanted to start a Youtube channel, I am so happy to inform you, that I did it. It called Ankiness, do check it out, and show some love (I would be very thankful if you subscribe).

Today’s post is related to the same topic as my video, it is all about some really cool wall decor ideas that you can DIY, they are all cheap, easy and not that time consuming; something like this is definitely worth a try. Who wouldn’t like a cool decor without spending a fortune, I would. Enough blabbering now, let’s begin.

1. Tassels and Paper flow DIY wall art.



I won’t talk much about it, just watch the video and you tell me what you thought about it. It’s my first time, please don’t be too harsh.

2. Easy paper pyramid wall art.





This is truly stunning wall art, just using colorful paper. Do check out the link to see the tutorial. How much does paper cost, this is a really simple art project to do with your kids as well and transform a plain wall into a statement wall.

3. String photo display wall art.




Another fun Diy, if you love pictures as much as I do, this is something you will totally love, just drill some nails, tie a fancy string and hand pictures using paper clips; you ca experiment with shapes and create something fabulous.

4. Easy paper folding wall art.



If you feel too lazy to make pyramids, you may go ahead and try this one, just take colorful square paper, fold the corners inwards equally, arrange as you want and you are basically done. Fuss free and not much time consuming, this project creates a wonderful 3D effect.

5. The famous paper dahlia wall art.

Diy wall art 2 aa.jpg


This one is quite famous across Pinterest, but it is so worth it. Very easy to do, affordable and kid-friendly, this one is a definite try for kids room. It looks very fancy and colorful and is a statement in itself.

6. The easy yarn wall art.



For this one all you need is some colorful yarn and a stick too hang it. just cut equal pieces of yarn, fold into half and loop them through the stick, and you are done, it is that easy, I guess this is the fastest one among all of the above. You can then cut the ends to give a finishing touch, and no one could even guess it’s made by you.

7. The butterfly wall art.



I kinda saved my favorite for the last, these paper butterflies have totally stolen my heart. for this, cut a stencil for the butterflies and then cut many, many, many, butterflies from  paper (you may use different colors, that would also look amazing) arrange them they way you would like and stick it to the wall, and you have a very wall for yourself.

So, which one was your favorite? did you like my first YouTube video? I would appreciate a feedback. I hope you enjoyed the post and try something for yourself, trust me creating something feels good, so try it.


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