Wondering what wicker is, I know most of you must be familiar with it, it’s the same old thing that a bamboo basket is, it’s just that wicker involves many more plant stalk shavings; from branches, stems,etc. Nowadays these are also made fully artificial with plastic and other synthetic materials; and also by mixing some artificial material and natural; plant stalks too.

We Indians are very well aware of bamboo basket weaving, the similar weaving is used to contruct these furniture pieces, these are light in weight yet very strong due to the strong weav. So now let’s see how are traditional art form can be used in the making of stylish and classy furniture.


  • Sofa sets.


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Different fron the regular sofa, this is a good light weight option perfect for people who shift houses often, being light weight these are great when it comes to transporting.

  • Side tables.


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If you are not thinking of changing the whole sofa, adding this beautiful side table will be a great option too.

  • Porch chairs.


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These are the perfect porch furniture pieces, place them and have an amazing tine outdoors with a cup of coffee or a good book to read. I feel relaxed and refreshed just with these thought itself. These can be used in balcony or terrace in the same way.

  • Rocking chair.


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Rocking chair was an attraction to me as a child, I would always love to play around it, I know we all did. This being light weight is a safe option as children love playing on them and heavy furniture can hurt badly if there is any accident during the fun time.

  •  Swings.


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Unlike rocking chair, you know what is still an attraction to me from childhood to present, the swings. These are beautiful and are available in a variety of styles, even the ones that you can install indoors.

  • Bar stools.


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These tall stools are great to place around usland kitchen or home bar. They look like a perfect combination of traditional and modern furnishing.

  • Center tables.


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The centre table is also a center of attraction, why not have it in a classy and beautiful weave, i bet you no guest will fail to admire it.

  • Dining chairs.


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If you are very much impressed with these furniture and want a large area with this decor, a dining set shall be perfect. Aesthetics and efficiency go hand in hand with this set of furniture.

  • Baskets.


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The traditional baskets, available in innumerable designs and style, can be used in decor and organization. These can be used to store variety of things from kitchen essentials to toiletries.

  • Table mats.


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If a whole Dining table set is a little too much for you, then why not start by wicker table mats and see how you love it.

  • Shelves.


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These kind of shelfs are perfect to display artifacts; simple and elegant, these provide with great organization and being open they provide a better view as well.

  • Cradle.


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Have a little kid home, or thinking of gifting something to somebody who is having one, this wicker cradle will be something that will stay in your memories forever.

So what do you think about these? I would love to know which piece of furniture/ decor was your favorite, make sure to let me know in the comments below.


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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