After a long break to this series I am back with a very interesting and fun topic to talk about which is the correct way of arranging your sofa and ways to decorate it according to your style preference. So be ready to re-decor your sofa and trust me, this shall give your living room even more stylish and inviting look. So let’s get started.

To key to arrange any king of seating is good circulation and communication space. All the seating in the space should feel connected to each other rather than just individual pieces arranged randomly. Okay, if this is confusing you, lets see this is line diagrams so that you get a better idea.

The wrong arrangement of sofa.


As we see in the picture above the whole sofa set is quite close to each other with enough circulation space, but even then it look unconnected. The angle of the chairs the spacing in between them is not correct, that’s what makes it  look that way. The center table is serving just the three seater and the rest two chairs are left to themselves, which is so wrong. The whole arrangement has to compliment each other.

So, let’s see the Correct arrangement options


The same exact sofa, but a little change in the arrangement makes it look so much more connected to one another.


Here the distance from the three seater is kept the same, but even then a connectivity can be easily achieved by changing the orientation of the chairs.


This is another option for a different kind of sofa-set.



As we can clearly see, the last three arrangements show a lot more connectivity and a good place for conversation than the first one.

Styling and Decorating sofa.

  • Pillows and throws.


To give your sofa a more personalized look you can add pillows and throws in accent colors (click here to know more about accent colors), it will give your sofa some more dimension and uniqueness. Go bold with colors, patterns and textures, you can mix and match, this is a nice way to experiment with different looks.

  • Rugs.


If you are looking to make your sofa look twice as classy as it already is, adding a good rug is your way to go, it will make your sofa stand out as it provides a nice break forms the flooring material to compliment your sofa style.

  • Plant.


I am all about indoor plants, these add amazing freshness to the whole interior and instantly lift up the decor. A little green zone can add a nice pop of color and make all the other elements stand out even more. If taking care of an indoor plant is too much for you, you can go for faux plants and succulents, just make sure they look as real as possible. You can arrange them on the ground if you choose big ones, or small succulents look really cute on side tables too.

  • Lamp.


Good lighting is such a must when it comes to any king of room decor, so go for a floor lamp or table lamp that compliments your sofa both color and style wise and you shall see a major change in the look of the sofa, they also serve great when you have a midnight snack watching movie,  or when time flies while having a good read.

  • Artwork/ photo collage on wall.


The back wall of your sofa is also very important so do not ignore it, the sofa looks dead if the wall behind it is blank, so decorate it with your favorite piece of art or create a photo collage of your favorite pictures.

  • Side-table with vase or other table decor.


Last but not the least, a side table is a great aesthetic and functional element when it comes to decorating your sofa. It can store your little things like basic stationary for taking notes and also some important things like your table lamps, small plants, books, a small picture of your loved ones, etc. So make sure you decorate it well.

So that’s it for this post, stay connected for more such posts. I would love to know what was your favorite part and did this post help you in any way?  Mine is the decor with pillows and throws and also the wall collage.


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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