We have already seen how to choose the right kind of sofa for your needs, how to arrange and decorate your sofa; now comes the time for the last and probably the most important part, cleaning and maintenance of the sofa. So let’s begin.

General cleaning ways

  • Slipcover.

To keep your sofa off the stains and dirt, you can cover them with slip covers, they can be used both to protect as well as decorate your sofa. These being removable, are easy to wash and change.

  • Vacuum cleaner.

This is probably the most important part of cleaning your sofa, and also the most helpful; clean your sofa with a vacuum cleaner once a week and you’ll have a newer looking sofa for a lot longer.

  • Protect from harsh sun

Keep your sofa away from direct harsh sunlight as the harsh UV rays can harm the fabric and also cause fading. Don’t place your sofa near the windows, and if it’s already there then shut the curtains/blinds during the peak hours of harsh sunlight.

Cleaning according to materials.



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Taking care of genuine leather can be a tough job in itself; when it come to maintaining a whole sofa, it get even more tough. So here are some important tips that you need to consider while doing so :

  • It is very important to keep leather clean as dust,water, etc can accumulate and cause molds, as its a natural fiber its porous and the mold can easily spread further more. its ideal to clean leather sofa weekly at least by dusting, but using a vacuum cleaner will do the job even better.
  • Again as its a natural fiber it needs regular conditioning is a must, that’s one of the extra thing that you would need to do if you have a leather sofa. It’s not a complicated thing, whenever you fell the fabric is looking dull you can just apply a thin layer of leather preservative (easily available in market and can be used for leather bags, belts, etc. as well), do this at night, let the  and wipe off the sofa with a soft, clean cloth and your sofa shall look shiny again. Do this at least once a year, it’s necessary for that shine to last.
  • Okay, now is another important thing, if you spill anything on your expensive leather sofa, clean it right away, it will stain if its left there for long, whereas if cleaned immediately it will do no harm at all. Even then if you are to clean any stains, use a leather cleaner and do a spot test before using it all over, if you do not own one then you may use a mild natural soap or baby soap with water. make some soap water and dip a cloth, rinse of excess water and scrub gently and you’ll be done.

    Faux leather.


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  • Faux leather is essentially just artificial leather (made using synthetic fibers to achieve the finish) that looks exactly like leather. Being a synthetic fiber it’s way easier to maintain and clean than genuine leather.
  • While cleaning just wipe the sofa with a lint free soft rag using soap water and you’ll be sorted.
  • If it has not been cleaned and need some freshening to remove any kind of bad smells just wipe it with dilute vinegar solution (half water n half vinegar) and then wipe with clean water. let it dry and your sofa shall feel fresh again.



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  • These are usually removable upholstery, so you can just remove the upholstery and wash it like your usual bed-sheets.
  • If not, vacuum cleaning will do it’s job the best. If you find any excess lint on the fabric that looks bad, just use a lint roller, if it’s stuck with the fabric, go ahead and shave that area, yes I am saying SHAVE IT, it works.
  • If you have any stains that wont come of, try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol, be gentle, don’t harm the fabric.



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  • It can be cleaned and maintained the exact same way like the cotton one.



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  • To clean a velvet sofa, regular vacuum cleaning is a must, do it weekly and you won’t have any mess, no matter what.
  • If you have any complicated issues with the fabric, read the label of the fabric, every company mentions best way to clean it.
  • To clean stains, use dry cleaners or simple rubbing alcohol and if you want to do something extra to make your sofa look really fresh, use a hot water steamer and steam the fabric, it will look new again.



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  • Using water based cleaners for microfiber sofa is a big NO. So use dry cleaners for spot cleaning.
  • If you have a stain that is just not ready to leave the fabric use cleaning wipes or baby shampoos, as it will wet the fabric after removing the stain, place a sheet of paper and iron that particular area immediately and you shall be done,
  • With regular vacuum cleaning, air drying microfiber sofa is also essential to kee the moisture away.

I hope this post helped you in one way or the other, if so please let me know in the comments below. I really enjoyed making this all about sofa in three parts, what did you think about it?

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