Has this ever happened to you?

You went furniture shopping, and you knew exactly what you wanted and could not find it just because you did not know what it is called. If you go to shop or order headboard, this won’t happen with you, as by the end of this post you will know what is called what in headboards. The shape, the size, the material, name it; you will be able to name exactly what you want for your bed easily. so let’s begin.


A simple rectangle, or curved edged rectangle is easy to explain, but what about the other beautiful but complex shapes. No worries, refer the chart above to know the exact shape of the headboard that you want. Say it like an expert the next time you go shopping and let others keep wondering how you know in so much detail.

Okay now we are sorted with the most difficult part about headboard i.e. shapes, now let’s go through some easy stuff, the size.

To know the size of the headboard all you need to know is the size of your bed. These are just five types with cute names, measure the width of your bed and you are sorted.

  1. Twin size bed:                             39″
  2. Double/full size bed:                54″ 
  3. Queen size bed:                         60″
  4. King size bed:                             76″
  5. California king size bed:         72″

Let’s go the the last and the best part of headboard selection, the material.

Upholstered headboard


Image source

As the name suggests, these are the upholstered headboard and are the most popular once in the market. They look very stylish and classy and a  good investment.

Paneled Headboard.


Image source

This type involves the headboard sectioned into small parts, these are usually made up of synthetic materials and give a look of faux upholstery. These are beautiful in itself and are also easy to clean compared to the upholstered ones.

Slat Headboard.


Image source

These are basically wooden headboards, these are very elegant and great choice if the rest of your room is heavily furnished, it’s a nice step down, yet keeping it stylish. Also if the whole room is just wooden furniture, it’s nice to keep it within the theme.

Sleigh Headboard.


Image source

This is just a variant is shape, the headboard is curved backwards, which gives a nice 3 dimensional effect. They are available in slat, upholstered and leather finishes.

Open-frame Headboard.


Image source

These are very basic grilled headboards, again very elegant and very easy  to clean. These work great for kid’s rooms as you don’t need to worry about any staining. These give a little vintage vibe, which is just awesome.

Wingback Headboard.


Image source

These are upholstered headboards, they just have wings on both sides. The qualities are same as the upholstered headboards, there is just a difference in design.

Leather Headboard.


Image source

The last and the most lavish of them all, the leather headboard. A little on the costly side, a little high maintenance, but just a whole next level of classy. If you are ready to pay more for a headboard, this is something you wont regret buying, also you will have all guests complimenting it. I believe it is certainly worth the cost.

So do you fell smarter about headboards now? Next time you go headboard shopping do not forget to refer these things, also it will be great if any of your friends needs help shopping headboards. Comment down your feedback, I would love to hear from you.



P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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