Has this ever happened to you that you enter a space and you feel the vibe of the space and it changes your mood instantly? it happens with me a lot; especially in restaurants and office spaces. I feel interior designing is much more than just aesthetics, it also alters the feel of the space. In this series The moody spaces  we shall see what changes in the decor bring what kind of changes.

In this post we shall see what changes in your decor can make your space look more lively and vibrant. e shall see what colors, what finishes, what patterns, what type of artifacts and what kind of lighting works with it, and we shall see the same for other moods in the coming posts. So, let’s begin.

  • Colors.

Using bright colors can make a big difference. Here is a color palette that you can choose colors from. Choose a neutral base color so that the brighter colors pop and it will also balance the colors.


Keep the base like walls, floors,etc. in neutral tones and experiment with some bright colors.


Adding bright colored chairs and artifacts with neutral walls and flooring makes the room look more lively.


Bright colored sofa is a bold choice, but works very well.

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  • Materials and finishes.

Sleek sharp finishes are advisable when it comes to furniture as it adds a sharp definition that is necessary for a room to look more alive.Cleaner edges look good as we would want the main attention for the color and not the shapes. If you do both it might look overdone and messy so choose one, if you are going all out with the color you got to tame it down and balance with simple shapes. If you would want to experiment with bolder shapes, stick to pastel shades with the color palette instead of the brighter ones.

lively roomdecor materials..jpg

Basic shapes and sharp edges make the materials look more defined.

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For textures use fabrics as much as possible with curtains, pillows, rugs, table mats, these add a good detailed finish to the overall decor by blending it all together.

  • Patterns.

Don’t overdo the pattern, choose one and carry it around the room it you want to go for any, as too many things look cluttered. The plain the better, instead of using to many patterns stick to solid colors, monochromes or gradients as they would compliment the decor the best way possible.

lively room decpr patterns.jpg

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  • Arts and artifacts.

Here you may experiment again with many colors, many different styles and the best way would be a cool DIY that would perfectly reflect your personality. Go big with the art, the bigger frames make the room look larger and one big art frame will look better then a few smaller  ones.


  • Lights.

Lighting is the thing we have to pay the most attention, as we are using a lot of bright colors, we obviously want them to show up the best way possible, if you have a lot of natural light available, do not obstruct it with dark colored curtain, let the light in.

Good artificial lighting can to magic in a space, so choose lighting fixtures that would illuminate the room appropriately, as we are using so many colors, go for white light and DO NOT use yellow/ warm toned lights as they can manipulate the colors used in the room.

Go for modern and welcoming lamps and pendant lights as they are very trendy and they serve as decor pieces along with light arrangements.

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I hope you enjoy this series and do let me know what was your favorite part of the whole post? In the coming posts we shall the decor for more moods and themes. If you have any suggestions, do let me know in the comments below.


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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