‘Life is like a mirror, smile at it and it smiles back at you’

Yeah I believe it, look at life like you look in the mirror; look for beauty, look for happiness and look to praise yourself.

Is looking in the mirror your hobby??mine is. So let’s see how you can style your mirrors for an amazing interior decor.

Using the design principle of repetition, mirrors can be arranged in such combination to a beautiful composition. This can be used over a rather plain, simple wall to jazz it up. Other than in home interiors, these can also be used in office lobby or admin area, and every visitor will remember you office for a very long time.

If clicking selfies and outfit pictures is your hobby, then this kind of tall mirror is a must for you in your dressing area.

Similar to the first one this is also a beautiful composition, as the mirrors are smaller in size, they don’t really serve the purpose of a regular mirror that well; but are an amazing piece of decor, they can easily add a glow to your decor.

If rustic is your style, then this wooden framed mirror us something you will totally love. This kind of a rustic piece provides a nice break to a neutral decor; being portable, this can be used wherever you would like to.

What’s your favourite piece in bathroom decor, mine is mirror of course. If you are thinking of some classy, stylish bathroom decor, then a simpke circular mirror with minimal lighting shall be perfect.

When you are heading out, do you go in your bedroom once again before leaving to check you make-up? I know, I too do it; then why not add a small mirror in your entrance lobby itself, to check out yourself before you step out.

If vintage mirrors are an attraction to you, tgen styling them above the couch or in the dining area will be an awesome idea. If you own a small shop/ restaurant then using such piece at the counter will create a beautiful look as well.

Love colors? then have a simple plain mirror with a colorful frame, it will provide a nice pop of color to your decor. These kind of colorful decor pieces add a youthful vibe and freshness.

So how are you styling your mirrors??


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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