In todayโ€™s post we are going to discuss something traditional and very beautiful; that is clay/ terracotta art in interior design. Terracotta items have been a part of Indian culture since ancient times, the reason being its efficiency and beauty. They are basically clay articles that are baked in fire so that they become strong and water resistant. Although they are brittle but as they require very less time to make and very less raw materials, they have always been popular.

Potters make them even more beautiful and attractive by carving on them, painting on them, making them in different shapes and sizes, etc.

Not just utensils there are also many artifacts and home decor items made by terracotta, let’s have a look at it.

I am a huge fan of the indo-western trend, so here is an example of how you can achieve it in your house by introducing some artifacts of Indian origin. Some pieces of traditional art form can give your space an altogether different look. So, let’s see some options to use clay artifacts in interior design.

Terracotta horses

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This adorable pair of horses is an amazing piece of art, the carving on it makes it even more special. This will serve great as a piece of decor on display units or even on centre table n side tables.


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The trend of wind chimes has decreased over some time, but these cute terracotta bead chimes are worth a try. These are available in various designs and every single one of the is beautiful.


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Similar to wind chimes, the terracotta lamp shade is also beautiful  and will serve the purpose of a lamp is the best possible way. The openings form an amazing design, and when lit up they give out a pretty psyography.


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These terracotta sculptures are a good statement piece in home decor, are something extra-ordinary and form a nice focal point in the room. These can also be used in garden decor and outdoor decorations.


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These stacked pots are a great way to add some design to your home garden, or in balcony. They can be also used on tables to store little things, that you need handy, eg: keys, change, etc.


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Decorative clay masks have been used in home decor since ages, who could resist such beautiful art work. They are made very attractive with sharp facial features and vibrant colors.

clay candles

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These cute little pots can be filled with was and be used as candles, if you can make candles then use small candles available in market, and use these as candke holders. Multiple number of these candles will be an amazing way to light up the room in dim light, just imagine how romantic it will look.


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These are basic cooking utensils, but made with a lot of love and creativity of the potter, mo wonder they look so unique and pretty. If you are not comfortable cooking in these, you might just use these to serve, youe delicacies will look even more attractive.


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These are some more utensils witb some artistic detailling and painting. They loik very elegant and can be used to decorate a rather dull corner of the room, it will immediately change the look of the space.


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We Indians are very familiar with these little diyas, the diwali lamps, they are made a variety of styles and designs and we all have a lot of them at our house. So, what are you thinking so much of, you can use these on a daily basis as artifacts, they are painted in beautiful festive colors and have a charm of their own.

candle holder

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If you are a candle lover, but the wind bothers you all the time, then these candle covers will not only save your candles, but will allow the aroma to spead across the room, providing a beautiful dim light; and yess we have another romantic piece of art.

So which one did you find most interesting? Have you ever used any of these in your house before? If yes, make sure to mention that in the comments below


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. I am not a beauty or fashion expert; being an enthusiast I have found some cool tips and tricks that work very well for me, based on that I write those posts. What works for me may or may not work for you, but all my opinions are honest. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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