This blog has been through many phases; some high some low. But that one post that made me change my outlook about it and narrow my niche into mainly interior design blog was the post Wall decor: Ideas to create a statement wall, this is quite and initial post and certainly not the best written, but I can be sure I really enjoyed the process of writing it. So, why are walls so important? why do they make such a big difference? Its because they are the background that makes all your rooms blend together, also, you must have observed that changing wall colors can bring a wave of freshness in your home making all the elements look new and polished.


You can see it on my face that I had a great time.

Last weekend I attended a blogger-meet organized by Indiblogger and Berger Paints , it was a super fun experience and also helpful to this blog as it concentrates mainly on Interior Design. I learnt many new things in the “wall paints” area of interiors decor, so let’s see what Berger has for us.


These fun activities really made us bond together.

If just changing wall colors can make such a big difference in the interiors, then why don’t we do it more often? Is it the most expensive change, probably not as it costs just a fraction of the cost of your house and also that of all the furniture together. If you were supposed to change prime furniture like a sofa and dining table in your living room that will most probably cost you a lot more than doing your walls, still many of us go with the first option, Why so? that’s because:

  • Painting walls is a time- consuming process
  • Causes a lot of mess, thus increasing further work.
  • We can never be 100% sure if the result is going to be the same as you imagined.

We all have pretty busy lifestyle nowadays and thus changing furniture seems a convenient option than changing the wall colors.

But now, Berger Express Painting is here to change this situation with their modern way of doing the walls which is FASTER, CLEANER AND BETTER. So, now you have no excuse to cling to your old boring walls, it’s time to give them a cool makeover, the mess- free way.

berger express tools.jpg

These are the tools that are used for express painting.

The Express painting uses machines like the ones above to get the job done, which clearly reduces human error thus making the outcome just perfect, every single time. We all know how long it takes for the whole house to be painted, but with these automated machines, the work is done much faster without getting your house dirty as they provide a dust-free job.

Is it just me or even you have a tough time when it comes to choosing the right people to get the job done? after all you have to live in the space for quite a long time. I have been disappointed by the outcome of re-doing walls more than once, just because what I have in my mind and what I get in result has a vast difference. But, with express painting you can just relax and expect the same result that you imagined as it is done by professional, well-trained painters who are experts in handling these machines and will serve you exactly what you want.

berger express paint stainers.jpg

When it comes to getting a job done manually versus getting it done with the help of well-designed machines, you know there is hardly any room for error with the second option. you must be thinking okay that’s all right, agreed with that, but what about the cost of such services? it must be heck expensive. Let be break it down to you, it isn’t. How, you ask? That’s because the product (i.e. the paint in this case) costs less than half the price that you are charged to get the work done, rest everything is the labor charge. With express painting that reduces as you won’t need that many labors and also the work will get done is lesser days, thus more saving.

Because of the cost of the tools that they use the cost of manual painting and express painting becomes almost equal, thus no additional cost and you can actually get the cost calculated here and compare it with your local painting contractors to confirm.


He was amazing at explaining and getting all our doubts resolved.

Plus you are going to save a lot of time and energy that you would need to clean the mess created while painting. Berger Paints is a very well known and trusted brand and is thus very reliable, painting your house won’t feel like a task if you choose Berger express painting.

I hope you enjoyed the post, let me know what are your thoughts about this new way to get your walls done, would you prefer this rather than messy manual painting? Let’s get this modern twist to painting to as many people as possible, if you know of anybody who is about to get painting done share this with them.


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