Does this happen to you, no matter how much you clean your house, it still looks cluttered? Maybe your room is dust free, clean and tidy, but some interior design mistakes can cause your room to look cluttered and unorganized even after long hours of cleaning and regular maintenance. Let’s see what are these mistakes, and how to fix them.

Limited colors and patterns.


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Using way too many colors, pattern and finishes in the decor can make your rooms look overwhelming and cluttered. To fix this opt for a limited color palette according to your color choices and the room requirements. Don’t go overboard with change in materials and patterns, one or two things with accents colors, and different materials are great to compliment your interiors, but too many of them together just look unorganized and messy.

Limited larger things instead of too many smaller things.


If you buy a small artifact and place it somewhere on display, you will notice that the space looks really empty, and you will want to fill it up, and you can end up buying more small artifacts to place there and overcrowd and clutter the space. So whenever buying artifacts to display, buy them in correct proportion to your display units (not too small, not to big), and if you like small artifacts, buy them in sets (so that they compliments each other and look as a whole) and place them with correct spacing between each other.

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Keep flat surfaces clear.


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I don’t know about you guys, but in our house, the thing that gets most of the clutter occupied are the table tops and other flat surfaces. We all have a tendency to drop things on them instead of putting them back inside whenever we are done. To stop this from happening, what you can do is placing a decor item in the center, what that will do is, it will occupy the space a little, and you won’t feel to disturb the look, so you might put things back into their places once you are done.



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Using organizers can make your job so much easier, if you are lazy like me, you probably don’t like organizing things every single day, these kind of organizing bins are great, you can just dump things in them and it will still look neat, just remember to put similar things together, you can also go ahead and label the baskets to make your job even easier.

Limited furniture.



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Too much furniture can make your living room look like a store room, and show me one man who has an organised store room. Sometimes you have to stop yourself from buying too much furniture or too many artifacts; sometimes truly less is more. Having space for circulation, and a balance between free space and occupied surface can make a huge difference in the final look of the room, so choose wisely.

Enough amount of light.


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Lack of appropriate lighting can take the charm away from even the best of the interiors, for me good lighting is the most important thing when it comes to good interior decor, so obviously lack of that is just something that disturbs the harmony of the room making it look incomplete and untidy.

Curved furniture vs straight cut furniture.


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Curve edged furniture was a big trend in the past, so now lets keep it in the past, having one or two vintage accent pieces is something I would adore, but the whole room with those is a clear NO. See, previously we had a lot of space and the whole interiors had the same theme, so it looked beautiful, but that same furniture in our small and modern apartments looks just tacky and old fashioned; also we cannot overlook the fact that they are bulky and space consuming. So opt for furniture with sharp edged and basic shapes like rectangles and circles, they look very modern and clutter free.

So were these tips helpful? what changes are you going to make to make your home clutter free? Please let me know all your thoughts in the comments below and share this post with somebody who is looking for this.


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