I am badly missing doing interior design blog-posts, I got a little carried away with YouTube videos, but this blog is as important to me as the YouTube channel. So, now onwards I will try my level best to balance between the two. I don’t want this blog to be just a repetition of what I do on YouTube, these have different agendas altogether so I will try and be fair to both of them. Next post onwards I am continuing my Interior Design posts and I will talk about my YouTube uploads, Insta uploads and other updates once a month in a blog post, nothing more than that.

I know Valentines Day has already passed and I need to get out of it. Trust me this is the last one, even I am eager to wrap it up.

This post is something that I am doing to walk you through all the videos that I uploaded so far in my Valentines special series. I feel that this shall be better than one blog-post per video ( that just makes my blog a little too random for my liking). So, lets quickly go through each one of them.

Now , that the Valentines day has passed I just want to wrap up this series that I had going on ( I was on upload spree, literally) on my YouTube channel ‘Ankiness’. It had a few DIY gift ideas which included some creative yet easy greeting cards, a scrapbook and a sweet little message jar.

  • The Photo-changing Hexa-flexagon Card.

Now that’s a mouthful, but it is one of my favorites so I chose this one to begin with the series. It’s fun and creative and a must try if you/ your partner are photo addicts. it’s also fun to play with and is very quick to make, all of these look a little complicated, but just watch the video once, you’ll be surprised how easy they actually are.

  • The Waterfall Card.

The waterfall card tutorial has been the most popular one so far, and I am glad I did it in the early days, this one again is a really cool idea to display pictures and gift them and it is absolutely lovely to watch it in action. If you have an Insta lover, you might totally impress them with this one.

  • The Swing Card.

This is a rather simple one, and it can be the one for you if you are too scared to try out the others. This is very sweet and fun and is very quick to make, thus can be your last minute idea, all you need is to spare those few minutes and make it with all your love, it will be truly appreciated, trust me.

  • The Pop-up Card.

I don’t know about you, but I have always been fascinated about pop up cards since I was little (not that I am old now) it’s just so exciting to open up pop-up cards, it’s like a little 3D surprise waiting to be revealed. if you think, making one of these is a complicated process, watch the tutorial, you will realize it’s not.

  • The Push-pull Card.

Like the pop-up cards, i was very curious how the push-pull card works, it seemed like a magic trick to me as a child, it’s all decoded in the tutorial, it’s just a little craft trick( no magic involved) and you get this cute push-pull card just out of a few pieces of paper.

  • Mini Envelopes.

So here is one of my cutest creation I believe, these miniature envelopes have totally stolen my heart, immensely cute and easy to make as well. It is a sweet reminder  for your special someone with cute notes, if someone gifted me these I would definitely keep the most special one in my wallet.

  • The Romantic Scrapbook.

So ,now that I was done with all the cards, I didn’t know what to do with them (cons of being single) then I thought of compiling all of these together and making a romantic scrapbook so that all the cards stay in place and also because I wanted to try it, it was my first time to make a scrapbook ( I am a little lame that way). But, I am quite happy how it turned out.

  • The Message Jar.

So many cards, but no real gift, it seems a little incomplete so I thought of including a tiny gift as well. I made this cute message jar, in which the sweet messages are in those hearts that you see, you can open and see what’s in it and fold it back, sounds cool right? Do give it a try.

Have you ever gifted or received a hand-made gift? Do share your experience in the comments below. I would absolutely enjoy reading it.


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