Bright colors and patterns can bring in a lot of positive energy and freshness. Specially if you have kids, they will love it. As they bring so much joy, let’s call them jovial decor and let’s see how to style the same.
jovial decor
When you are working with such bright colors, it is quite easy yo overdo and that can make your decor look really loud and all over the place. Remember when you are working with bright colors balancing it out with neutral tones is very important. If you have bright furniture and artifacts keep the walls very basic and neutral, if you have a bright accent wall make sure you keep the rest of the decor neutral to a large extent.
Easiest way to add such jovial pieces in your decor without overdoing it is to use the rule of three. Have 3 pieces of such items in room, if you have a larger space go for 5 or 7 such pieces, that’s all, do not go beyond it; and working in odd nos. really binds the decor.
Having a focal point in the decor is a very important element and, when you are working with such strong elements it is important that you keep it in mind. When you are creating a focal point it is very important to keep the rest of the decor modest and simple.
If you are willing to make your whole room really colorful and fresh, go for fresh pastel shades like mint, baby pink, etc. like the ones shown below. They are easier to work with, they will bring the joy and freshness that you are looking for and still wont look overpowering.

‌Options to add it in your spaces:

‌Kids room options.

jovial kids room.jpg

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When I think about jovial decor first thing that comes to my mind is kids rooms, they love and enjoy colors like nobody else. If you are thinking of redecorating you kid’s room, do consider bringing in some bright bedding, colorful pillows and some fun wall arts. It will go well with their colorful toys and they are going to love it.


Living room

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If you are thinking of doing bright colors on the wall, go for an accent wall instead of painting the whole room with the same. No matter how much you love a certain color, if it’s too bright and you paint the whole room with it, you are ought to get sick of it after a while. Go for accent wall with textures and patters if you wish to, it’s fun as long as you keep the rest of the walls subtle.

‌Accent Chairs/ Sofa.

jovial sofa.jpg

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Adding and accent chair or a bright colored sofa can be a great idea to add that punch of color in your space. If you are unable to find such pieces, you can revamp your old pieces by changing the upholstery with the fabric of your choice.


jovial artifacts

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Having some nice, bright colored accessories if you are not willing to commit to a bigger furniture piece. Throw on some bright colored pillows or have colorful artifacts- ‘Chumbak’ has quite amazing collection in decor. It is nice to add a pop of color in a space without making it look kiddish in any way.


Interieur Huis Roodenburgh, Dordrecht

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Can we ever talk about decor and not talk about lights, certainly not me. Lighting is very important element and it can really make a big difference in your decor. Get creative with some funky lights and lamps that go well with your decor and your personal style, and you will leave your guests wondering when you got so creative. As you see here, these lamps are not colorful at all, but don’t you feel happy and joyful just looking at them, that is what jovial decor is all about.

Let me know what your favorite part was. Also, do you have kids? If you do would you opt for anything like this for them? I would love to know what you are thinking.

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