Modern interior design is often considered synonymous with neutral interiors, why so? it’s because neutrals are classic and contemporary at the same time. It a common misconception that neutrals are boring, in this post I am going to prove it wrong by showing you how stylish neutrals can be, and what makes them the key to modern decor.


gray shade chart

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Gray, Beige, Brown, Black and White, these are the 5 neutral colors; NO, that’s not it. Besides black, there are many many shades of gray (definitely, more than 50 shades of gray), beige, brown and even white. Each color has it’s undertones — warm, cool or neutral. The chart below will show you how different a warm toned and cool toned white can be. If you ever think why the two white object you put together don’t go well with each other, it’s probably because of their under tones.

warm and cool white

Cool whites are blue toned whereas warm whites are yellow toned.

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neutals versatile

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The best part about neutrals is, they work amazing with any style of architecture and interiors, be it Art-deco, Scandinavian, Eclectic, Mid-century modern, Contemporary, the list goes on and on. Neutrals have proved their worth in all eras of design. Colors can really be a binding ingredient in any design, as I also mention in my E- Eclectic Decor and How to do it the right way. post, the right color co-ordination can make anything and everything work. Neutrals are the most easy color family to work with because they are not over powering in any way and give a lot of room for experimenting.

I  love colorful interiors as much as neutrals, but I just can’t work without my neutrals, specially when you are working with bold colors you need to balance things your with such mild colors so that your decor does not look and feel chaotic. And, the neutral background can really help your colors pop and do better justice to them, so ever if you are a colorful interior lover, you just can’t ignore the neutrals.


netrals prints

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So now that we are sorted with colors included in neutrals and how they create an impact, let me remind you of something that can make a statement in your all neutral space as well. Yes, the title says it, the prints. When you are working with a limited color pallet, introducing prints can really add your personality and style to the decor. Don’t be afraid of introducing more than one print in your space, as I’ve said previously, while working with prints, the colors need to match not the print.


netrals texture

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Other than prints, textures too can add that dimension in your space which will add a layer to your decor. Neutral interiors need not be flat and boring, adding textures can uplift the room. Monochrome is a big trend and when you are working with it, textures can be magical, they change your room from a normal space to a designer space just like that. Stone cladding and natural wood finishes are very in, and trust me they are here to stay. They bring in the old rustic vibes in the most classy way possible.

If you noticed, neutrals are timeless. They are not going out of style anytime soon, so make them your. I hope I was able to prove to you, neutral decor is not boring decor; there is a lot that can be done with these colors which will make your space stylish.

I would love to know your thoughts about neutrals. Do you think they are boring? or Do you think they are timeless and classy? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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