Today’s new  modern era is all about speed and ease, now everything is just a click away (well almost everything at least) and home decor and furniture is no exception. Today, in this post I am going to tell you about some sites that offer some amazing home decor and furniture. I’ve come across some very interesting sites that have some really beautiful pieces to offer and i just can’t wait to share it with you guys. So let’s begin.

Urban ladder.

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Urban ladder 1

Let’s start with my personal favorite. It is a start-up and boy it’s doing great. I came across this website and was really flattered by the options they were offering, they have a variety of furniture and home decor items. Finding good home decor alternatives can be quite easy on the web, but furniture is quite rare, and to be honest, it can be boring most of the time. Urban ladder is providing some amazing designs and styles and is unique in many ways. I would insist you to check out the site, and you will also agree with me.

The best part it, they are constantly adding new features and upgrading their site and that’s when you know they want progress and are great with their services. It is a Bangalore based startup and is expanding to all the metro cities right now, and the best part is they have their own consultation services too. Visit it now and also after a few days, you will definitely see something new.

Urban ladder 2

Pepper fry.

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pepper fry 1

Pepper fry is another very popular and trendy website to buy some online furniture and artifacts. They have a huge variety and ship all across the nation, a lot of their furniture is light weight and easy to install which also assures safe and fast delivery. They are a source of everything that you might need to set up your home, and they have a wide range of products from affordable to luxurious. You can but fans lights, home essentials, furniture, house keeping stuff, etc. name it and they will most probably have it. Other than that they have a very well designed and well organised site, I will highly recommend you to go check out the site even if you are not thinking of buying anything right now, because you might change your mind after visiting this site.

pepper fry 2


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I found out about Chumbak through an ad campaign that they did on YouTube a while ago where they shard their story about how this business started, and I was thoroughly impressed by that, here is the video, it really inspired me, I hope it does the same for you.

Now that we are impressed with their story let’s talk about what they are offering, Chumbak is a brand that serves fashion and home decor products, and each one of their product is uniquely quirky, bright and stylish. If you are somebody who wants to make a statement through your decor, this is the place you need to visit. They come with new designs and new products every season and have a variety of stuff to choose from. Similar in style , yet so different than each other; it is the most trendy and youthful option on the list, so if that impresses you, go check them out.

AA Living.

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Aa living

From one start up to another, now I know what attracts me the most, it’s the passion for style and design. Rohina Anand from AA living is also a blogger who decided to have a startup and is doing wonderful, I came across this brand through YouTube as well ( I am addicted). They have a lot of options in bedding and cushion covers and also in artifacts. they are adding new products to their collection with time, it’s a recent start up and has come a long way so far, they have some very beautiful and creative options. They are doing some amazing work with fabrics ( and by know you must already know, I am into it) from rugs, throws, mats to bedding you have a lot to choose from. go follow her on Instagram as well, she is fabulous there as well.

AA Living Instagram

So did you find something new, something exciting? Do these start-ups inspire you? Tell me in the comments below, each one of them have inspired me and thus I dedicated this post to them, it is not sponsored in any way, these are all my true and pure opinions.

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