Styling is my personal favorite thing when it comes to interior designing. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you must be aware how much fabrics are important to me while styling, I feel fabrics give a nice softness, dimension and change of texture to any room. I am a firm believer of layering and fabrics are the best way to do it. Today in this post, we are going to talk about pillows, the fluffy little things full of goodness.

Colors and patterns.

pillows patterns

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Pillows are a great way to add some color and pattern in the interiors. Using different fabrics and materials adds more dimension to any decor. Choose colors and patterns that suit your style. Throw pillows act great as a decor element as well as are functional and comforting. Changing pillow cases can change the entire look of the room in a swish and the bonus is, it’s very easy to achieve. I always insist on adding some pop of color in the interiors keeping the base neutral, pillows are great way to do so.

I also mention the rule of three a lot, which  says each color should repeat minimum thrice in a room; so if you got something that is not blending with the rest of the room, matching a pair of pillows with that will help you incorporate it in the room. Pillows really cozy up the space, is it just me or you too like to relax and lie down while watching T.V. or take a nap in the living room, having pillows is just going to comfort you for all these things. Now that you are convinced with the role of pillows in interiors let’s see how to style them correctly.


On Sofa:

pillows on sofa

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Placing pillows on each of the corner of the sofa is a great option. Use bigger pillow in the back and place a smaller size with a different color or pattern. Add some dimension wit different materials like silk and fur with some cotton. The best part about pillows is that they are easy and budget friendly to switch up, so no need to play safe here, GO BOLD. If you have a large sofa and a couple of pillows in the corner seem a little less, I would suggest adding a throw instead of piling more pillows (as they take up a lot of seating space). Choose a throw that compliments the sofa well and gels the whole arrangement.

On Bed:

pillows on bed

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Be it any furniture showroom or any brochure, you must have observed the beds look extra lavish and comfy. The magic lies in layering, the pillow arrangement can really uplift the whole room (not just the bed) Always remember using different sizes of pillows is the key here, if you are using bold colors, place big, plain white, horizontal pillows as base, they will offset the arrangement from the background and will also let the colors of the pillows in front pop. While sleeping you can use them as sleeping pillows and get rid of the rest.

On Armchairs:

pillows on chair

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Adding a little comfort and style to your armchairs or even work desk chairs can really change your experience being there. Who said you can’t be at comfort while you are working, in fact I feel it’s very important it will give you one less thing to worry about and you won’t mind spending some extra time there. Choose a fresh pattern in an accent pillow and throw it on your work chair, it will look very welcoming, comfy and stylish all at once.

So do you enjoy styling with pillows? Did this post help you with it? And is blue your favorite color? Do let me know in the comments below. Blue is certainly my favorite, and I really enjoy pillows, they are the most comforting thing ever.

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