I believe we all need a little quirk in our lives, then why not start it from our home itself? so what really is ‘Quirk’ and how do we achieve ‘quirky interiors’ in our space? Yes, that’s what we are going to go through in this post. I believe today’s new generation is very free and fun loving, and all of us like that little fun element in our homes. This element of fun with some surprise what we like to call ‘quirky’. Now let’s see how you too can bring in some quirk in your home.

Adding something totally unexpected and fun is the way to go, there are no rules as such when it comes to quirkiness, it’s just all about having fun, so go for it. So, if there are no rules then what am I going to tell you in this post? Actually, I am going to give you some ideas to achieve this.

Wild life inspired decor.

quirky tables

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Let your love for animals show in your home too, a side table or coffee table inspired by wild life is that perfect surprising element that will amuse all your guests when they enter your room. If you wish to go a little traditional with this, you may opt for pieces that include traditional carvings on elephants and horses, just pick the right size and fix a good table top and you shall be sorted.

Re-use like a boss.

quirky reuse

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Reclaiming and reusing is a big trend these days, it’s not just stylish but also healthy to environment. Using traditional pieces by giving them a modern look can really be a good quirk element to add to your spaces, like who would expect a trunk that acts as a coffee table. Now, that certainly is a statement piece. With things like these you have to have a creative vision, they are not that readily available and you might have to get it made, so it’s really all about your creativity.

Some Naughty Quotes.

quirky quotes

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When I listen to the word quirk, the first things that pops in my mind are the quirky quotes, having those in your interiors, be in on tge walls, pillow cases or even door mats can be really fun. These naughty quotes are great conversation starter and will certainly bring a smile to everybody visiting. It’s subtle and it’s fun, so now you have absolutely no excuse to trying it.


quirky lights

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I included such lights in the J- Jovial Decor. post as well, you may think what’s the difference between jovial and quirky decor? See jovial is all about happy and colorful elements, whereas quirky is all about fun, surprise and a bit of naughtiness, I’ll say it’s a little grown up’s version of jovial decor.

Little things.

quirky little things

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Details can make a big difference in any art, and interiors are no exception. If you are not daring enough to go big, then it’s wise to start small. Adding some fun elements like door knobs, handles or even hangers can be a great option to bring in some quirk in your decor. If you are not a lour person, but still want to have some fun with your interiors, then this one is certainly best for you.

So, do these quirky items make you want to get a little naughty with your interiors? If yes, do let me know what you wish to add in your room. And if not in your room, then add some quirk in your life, it’s fun.

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