Many things have changed in my life in the past couple of months. So today I am here to show you my top 5 favorites. Let’s see what they are and why I am in love with them so much.

  • The Bullet Journal.


This whole system has changed my routine completely, it has made me a little disciplined about life in general, which I was so poor at. It makes me feel motivated and think ‘Okay Anki, so what are we going to do today?’, not everything that I write comes to reality, but I feel I can always turn pages and remind myself what I want to do with my life, I shall do a separate in depth post on this topic as I have so much to talk about it. If you are somebody who loves keeping a journal or making lists of just everything that pops into your mind, do check out the bullet journal system, you’ll love it like I do.

  • The New Camera.


    Okay these are the pictures taken from my new Camera which was gifted to me by my family on my birthday, which was on 17th November. I did not really talk a lot about it to anybody, not because I don’t want to , but in fact because I am so much in awe  of it that I cant describe it. Although many of you might think what so fancy in a regular point and shoot camera, it’s really means a lot to me as I wanted a camera so bad, and trust me this camera has brought so much joy with it and again like the bullet journal, it makes me want to do better things in better ways(Its the Sony Cybershot H300). I am really looking forward to use this camera and my vision to the best of their abilities and make the most out of it, we shall see what happens, I am posting more regularly on my Instagram now and I would love it if you follow me there @ankibhoye .

    • The Elephant Artifacts.


    Now this is nothing new to us, this was actually a very old souvenir from a childhood family outing, but I rediscovered it while we were cleaning our house for Diwali, and I was so happy to see these cute little artifacts. When we bought these I was very young and I really had no taste about decor items what so ever, but now when I look at it, it’s so beautiful with the delicate marble carvings, its a very pretty example of traditional Indian art form, and I am absolutely a  fan of such things.



    • The  Terracotta Center Piece.


    The next two things are a new buy from a random shop, but look at these again a beautiful example of traditional Indian art form, If you have been following this blog for a while you know how much I love terracotta artifacts, I did a separate post about it a while back Interior Design 101: Terracotta artifacts. This a a huge centerpiece, which will sit gracefully on our center table and gain compliments from the guests, we are thinking of decorating it by filling in some water and placing some floating flowers and floating candles in it.

    • The Statement Pot.


    With the centre piece we also bought a terracotta statement pot, it is amazing to spice up a boring corner. We had a statement pot in the same corner but it broke accidentally and so finding a new one became our new family mission and see we succeeded beautifully and found a bonus centre piece while searching for this one.

    So, what has changed in your life recently? what are the things that you are loving recently, I would love to know, go ahead and tell me in the comments below.


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