A furniture piece that can serve more than just one function is something I dig for. Also, now as we all see the sizes for the rooms in developing cities is really small, so we just have to look for a space saving option. Here in this post I am going to give you some ideas and tips in which you can save some space and make the most out of your room. So let’s see some options and save some space.

Convertible furniture.

space saving convrtible

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Nowadays the manufacturing companies and contractors are well aware of the lack of space and thus there are many options of convertible furniture available in the market. Who wouldn’t like a sofa that can be converted into a bed, it is quite helpful when you have guests and need some extra space to sleep. Also, there are option like twin beds that convert in king size beds, even those can be a good option in a children bedroom as it will keep space for them to play throughout the day and then there is enough space to sleep at night as well. The market is full of options, we just need to look out and find the ones best suited for our needs.

Storage in other furniture.

space saving storage

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Do we ever have enough storage? NO. Having storage under the bed, under the sofa, etc. can be a really helpful solution, see we all have certain things that we don’t use on a daily basis, but just can’t let them go; such options are great to store these things. Like you can store your winter clothes in your travel bags and put them in the bed. Similarly, the ottoman that you see above can work in so many ways, it can be a foot rest, it can become extra seating when you have friends over and it can also store little things.

Use height.

space saving heights

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When working in small spaces we cannot waste any space – neither floor space nor the height. While selecting cabinetry and shelves make sure you use them completely, from floor to ceiling, the vacant space above any cabinetry really makes it look incomplete and is also like wasting space, so make sure you use what you have to the maximum of its ability.


space saving organization

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Many times you don’t even realize how much space you really have just because the space is cluttered and unorganized. So it’s time to declutter, let go off things that you won’t need any longer and make space for what you have. Just adding drawer dividers and shelf dividers can help create so much more room for storage, so once in a while spend some time organizing.

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