X- Xperts say so.

In this short post I am going to walk you through some design principles that interior designers swear by. It shall be handy to keep a track of these few things while designing, they are … Continue reading X- Xperts say so.

U- Upgrading Old Furniture.

‘One man’s trash can be other man’s treasure’  so why not find treasure in your own trash. In this post we will see how we can change the look and style of old furniture and … Continue reading U- Upgrading Old Furniture.

T- Textures and Layering

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5nRhuUGSQY&t=40s If you saw the last video that I uploaded on my YouTube channel: Ankiness you must be well aware, I am all about layering  and trust me it can make any space look like it … Continue reading T- Textures and Layering

S- Space saving ideas.

A furniture piece that can serve more than just one function is something I dig for. Also, now as we all see the sizes for the rooms in developing cities is really small, so we … Continue reading S- Space saving ideas.

R- Romantic Interiors.

  A bedroom is a very special place for a couple, it’s their little paradise for them. Specially while doing interiors for young couples ( I mean the ones young at heart as well), a … Continue reading R- Romantic Interiors.