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E- Eclectic Decor and How to do it the right way.

Eclectic decor, new to this term? by the end of this post you just might be a very well versed with it. So, what is eclectic decor and why is it a part of 21st century modern decor. If you… Continue Reading →

Interior Design 101: Choosing the correct wall paints.

Changing the color scheme of your room can make the biggest difference in your interior decor, so let’s see how to use these colors to your benefit and make your space beautiful. Choose a color scheme. Warm. Red, orange, yellow… Continue Reading →


What is style? To me everything that you do, the way you do it is a style. So, everything has style, then what is being stylish? To me stylish is adding personality to the little things you do. Do things… Continue Reading →

Interior Design 101: Choose the right Curtains.

Curtains are a very important factor in interiors with aesthetic as well as functional point of view. They provide a nice flow to the interiors and a change of element. They are flexible in style, changing curtain designs can change… Continue Reading →

Easy DIY hair-clip makeovers you will love

I love it when my hair is all done, a good hairstyle can change the whole look; but sometimes (actually, always) I end up running late and I just tie my hair in a ponytail and head out of the… Continue Reading →

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