If you saw the last video that I uploaded on my YouTube channel: Ankiness you must be well aware, I am all about layering  and trust me it can make any space look like it is styled by a designer,  and thus, I insist you to try it as well. In this post we shall see how textures and layering van change the look of the room altogether.

Fabric textures.

texture fabrics

Fabrics are the easiest and the most affordable medium to add some texture and dimension in the room. Layering with different materials can give a space a designer look that everyone amongst us desires. While selecting colors I would insist you to stay within a pre-selected pallet, that way you can be sure that all the fabrics, the drapery, the cushion covers, upholstery, etc. go well together. The best part here is you can get a little adventurous with fabrics, as they are quite easy and pocket friendly to switch.

While working with fabrics, use different prints and patterns and you may also experiment with different materials, just remember that they have to get along with each other well so decide your color pallets before hand and then go shopping, it’s easier that way.

Wall textures.

Wall treatments are a huge trend in this era, so why stay back? Illusion walls and wall textures can really change tge look of the room. Yes, they can get a little expensive sometimes, but they are certainly worth it. The wall that you decide to put this extra texture on, becomes an accent wall and is a statement in itself, so this is a investment that is totally worth going for. Other than that, wall tiles are a big trend too, be it in bathrooms, exteriors, kitchen backsplashes or even an accent wall in a living room or a bedroom, textured walls add that oomph in the room that gives it an ultra stylish look. Today’s market is flooded with a variety of tiles and finishes, from natural, rustic to sleek and modern, so you have a lit to choose from.

texture laminates


Ling gone is the time when we would have a plain tanned laminate with the similar pattern over it on every  piece of furniture, today’s day and age demands variety, demands style and novelty. Laminates have evolved a lot in the past few years and now you have every kind of laminate that you may possibly imagine. So while designing a room I would advice to go through these variety of options and select the ones that suit your needs the best. You have options from glossy to matte to even textured laminates, they not only look different but also feel different on touching, these can be a great option to add texture in the most subtle yet stylish way possible. If you wish to go a little bold, go for multiple colors that compliment each other, they can really make your furniture look well-crafted.

fabric layers


When it comes to floors I think I have so much to talk about, I just can finish in a few words. I need to do a separate post for the same, and I would do it soon. For this particular post let’s focus on texture, tiles are now available in a variety for materials and finishes from ceramic to marble, from wood to vinyl, etc. Other than finishes you can also opt for pattern and designs in tiles. If you live in a rental apartment, opt for easy to install floor carpets, they are a affordable option and can really help you cover the ugly floors, if you are willing to invest a little more, I would suggest you to go for rugs, which is a statement piece and you can carry with yourself every time you move.

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