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If you have been following my blog since a while back, you must be already aware that I started a YouTube channel in the beginning of the year, which is called “Ankiness” ( please do check it out if you haven’t). I post some really cool DIY Home Decor and craft stuff there (at least as of now that’s all i have posted).

Today is the first of February, I don’t know about you, but for my age people, February is a month of love and romance. Being single, this was never my “happy time of the year”, so instead of whining over that fact I thought of doing something really fun and interesting his year.

I am super excited with the new YouTube channel, and thus, I am in constant search for new ideas. As Valentines Day is just around the corner I thought of doing a Valentines Special DIY Gifts series. In this series I am going to be showing you how to make some really creative and fun greeting cards and other handmade gifts. As the Valentines Day arrives just in two weeks and I had so many things to share with you guys, I thought of pushing myself a little more than usual and uploading one video everyday, yes I said EVERYDAY. I know it sounds difficult, but come on we can do this together.

The first video goes live today itself, which I will blog about tomorrow, Till then visit my channel and enjoy the previously uploaded 3 videos. I hope you enjoy these, if you do make sure you like it and share it with your friends who might find it helpful. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL, IT HAS JUST STARTED OUT AND NEEDS YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT TO GROW.

I would love to know what you think of this idea and also your thoughts about my YouTube channel so far. I would love to know what I need to change and improve, so please feel free to express your thoughts. If you think my content will be of any use to somebody you know, do share it with them.


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