Today I am going to tell you guys a small story about a very sweet thing, FRIENDSHIP. I am an architecture student, and this course is full of a lot of challenges, adventure, research, design, art, fun and many many memories. I share these moments with a small set of people, these are my besties who I love a lot.

We are a group of 5, that’s very small for some people, but we are just more than enough for each other. I have laughed the hardest with them, did the most stupid things I could veer do, cried my heart out to them, shared my deepest secrets, and what not. These 4 girls have added so much spice and thrill to my life; I cannot even put it in words.



You don’t believe me, do you? Alright, I will make you believe it.

One of these 4, Nikita, she had an accident when we were in third year. what happened is, she texted me when she left, and Shraddha, Asmita and myself, we were waiting for her in the canteen. As she stays quite close to the college ( at least closer than rest of us), I just said why she was not there by then, to which Asmita responded “Chill, she shall be here any moment now” (These were not the exact words, you know right, best friends don’t talk so sober about each other).

After a minute or so, Asmita got a call from an unknown number; she received it and stated talking very seriously to the person on the opposite side. I and Shraddha were making fun of the way she was talking and giggling along. All of a sudden Asmita just stood up and started walking out, she said nothing just made a hand gesture telling us to come along. All of a sudden our giggling faces turned blue, Asmita was walking as fast as she could and we just followed her in worry, we did not take our bags, or wallets or anything accept our phones.

While we were rushing, Me and Shraddha asked Asmita what happened, who was on the phone and where are we going; I remember very well  we did not even stop to discuss that, we talked while walking (actually running). Somebody had called Asmita saying, Nikita had an accident near the college bus-stop and was taken to the clinic nearby and we were to reach there ASAP.

We reached the clinic, it’s just 10 mins walking from our college, but seemed a lot longer that time. As we entered I could see blood smeared in the lobby area, seeing our worried faces a guy asked us if we were there looking for the girl who had an accident. That guy directed us to where she was. I saw Nikita, and she came to us. We settled her; we saw there were other students of our college from another department, whom we knew from our recent trip. Nikita was acting very weird and childlike, which scared the hell out of us as she was hurt on the head. So we asked them, what exactly what happened, when the doctor called two of us in. We went in, he said he had cleaned up and dressed the injury, but she needs stitches and it was quite major so we had to take her to a bigger hospital.

So we thanked the guys who were with her, when we came. We called her father and asked him to come to the hospital we were going to. Asmita, Nikita and a girl from the other department went in the cab; me and Shraddha rushed back to the college, got our wallets and went to the hospital on Shraddha’s scooty. She rode the best she could, we were literally shivering.

We reached the hospital, searched for where she was admitted and saw her father. Then, three of us hurried and found her. When we reached where she was, they started the procedure, uncle was crying, all of us calmed him down.

The procedure was happening and she continued to act child-like, which we were really worried about. As the process was going on, the doctor asked us to stay around her and also told us, we will need some blood and she shall be fine.

The stitches were done; she was even given a bag of blood as she lost a lot of it. After all the procedure she came down to normal. We were talking to her the same way we talked when she was acting child-like and she said “Chill guys, I am okay, talk normal”; and we all started laughing.

She went home with her father and here uncle. We had to go back to college to get our bags, it was four of us. Imagine what we did, all 4 of us went to college on one scooty, people seeing us were laughing, who wouldn’t, 4 girls on one scooty, that too in Bandra highway, it looked like an act in a circus. We laughed back at them; it was a hell of an adventurous day I would never forget.

We came back to college, laughed about the scooty circus, enacted Nikita and made fun of her, that’s how we are. She went home safely, and recovered very soon. They say All’s Well That Ends Well, this little situation has glued us together stronger than before.

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